My Friends

(Update in progress on this page)

Most of my old friends are my classmates in high school, college and graduate school.
The friendship of classmates is the most deepest one in the world. Because we 
have studied in the same classroom, endured competition as a team, leaded a joyful 
and fruitful campus life together.

Here are some old friends in college and graduate school.

4-buddy.GIF (135302 bytes)
           Red Sun Plaza, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

From left, Minjie Yang works for Bank of Communication as an account manager in Shanghai. 
Zhen Ling works as a mechanical engineer at Kansas city. Next is a sale supervisor at Shell China,
ZhenYu Mi. The right most is me. Two other buddies did not shown up on this picture, one was Wei Jie,
our guitar player, swimming champion, story teller and "the guy in the market", now in the profession 
of quality assurance engineering in SG, he joined IBM SG recently. Another was Ye, Xinhai,
who was the first one of us going abroad to Australia.

7old-cls-mates.GIF (147297 bytes)
                        Classroom building, Xiangshang Juan, SJTU

There are two Doctors in this pictures, the first and third from left Dr. Wei Dong, and
Dr. Wenzhe Sun. Hui Li, second from left, works for Marine Research Institute in 
Shanghai. Du Kun, third from right was "the man of power" of our class. He was our 
monitor and now work for an electronic firm in Shanghai, a subsidiary of Bosch. 
The last one is our glass guy and soccer star, Wei Li.  He works for the firm producing
strengthened glass for auto window.

Several other guys with a lot of pictures on their own home pages.

Xinhai Ye, a guy with legend. He just finished his 2080 mile journey from Forgo to
San Jose and will start his career there. Best wishes to him.
Xiaohong Sun, is now in the same department as me here at Univ of Minnesota.
Liping Chen, is maintaining the web site  of our old graduate classes. 
Xiaoai Jiang, Ph.D. Candidate, UIUC.

I almost forget the guy in Sweden, Lieke Wang, Ph.D Candidate, here are some pictures
of him and his wife at Xiaohong's home page.

More email addresses of old graduate classmate,

Tang, Yingtang  studies at ASU 
Ling, Xianbing    studies at NCSU
Li, Sujuang,  software/system engineer, Data Physics, San Jose
Lu, Bing,  Ph.D candidate, ODU, he found a job near Boston recently.

Here comes my new friend, Yayoi Denda, a pharmacist in Tokyo, a travel enthusiast.
This picture was taken when she visited Univ.of Minnesota. Her English is fairly good.
I learned a lot of Japanese tradition from her.

yayoi.GIF (138016 bytes)

Oldest for last, Lei Song and Qiang Cong, my pals since 80's in high school. Lei currently 
study computer at OSU. Qiang is an experienced satellite designer at the institute of astronautics, BJ. 

songlei.GIF (117434 bytes)
                                           Coast, Qingdao 

congqiang.jpg (47548 bytes)