My Family


My wife, Ying and I have a
small and cozy home at CTC, St. Paul. Our life is very spiritual and full with fun and interests. 

Ying is a software engineer
specializing in of Java virtual machine, authentication and security mechanism, software development strategy and management. 

She used to work for Intel
Architecture Laboratory in
Shanghai. She also has a
specialty to mimic sound
of different characters in
cartoons. Mickey mouse
is her favorite.

In 1995, I met her when we
were students at Shanghai
Jiao Tong University . I adored her at the first glimpse. We got married in July, 1998. 

Both of us like travel, we have been a lot of cities, interest sites together. The island of Zhu Jia Jian in East Sea of China is one of our favorites.

Sports is one part of our life. Swimming is our favorite. 

She is also my lunchbox
packer, free-service webmaster.


2in1-1.GIF (153615 bytes)

See, she is in my heart. 

This picture was produced by God, I believe. 
Technically, it was exposed for two times.