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Linear and non-linear systems

Optimal control

Sample work:

Vehicle Stability Control by Differential Braking/Steering



System Design, Programming and Project Coordination

I am always exciting to see that my programs work and are bug-free. I enjoy operating system-level programming with shell scripts and Tcl/Tk,   using C, C++, VB, Java for application design and network communication. My proud projects includes:

Signal Measurement and Analysis System(C, Windows API, GPIB)
Computer Hardware Store Operation System (DB, SQL)
Construction Draft Design System(C++,VB, teamwork)
Network Management tools(SNMP, C++, VB, Tcl/Tk, C shell, teamwork)
News Project(Tcl/Tk, NT script)

Distributed Object-Oriented System Management Frameworks

Today’s complicated network computing environment requires an open, scalable, cross-platform approach. CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture   is a standard for distributed objects, which provides the mechanisms by which objects transparently make requests and receive responses. I am interested to build up such kind of application framework that provides interoperability between objects, built in different languages, running on different machines in heterogeneous distributed environments. DCOM is another standard for distributed system from Microsoft.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a new concept based on data warehouse or data mining. It still have a long way to become perfect. I am interested in integrating data from multiple sources, developing data foundations for reporting & analysis, and designing decision support query and OLAP tools. I like some design initiatives in IBM DB2 and find powerful development tools from Oracle.

Intelligence in Event Correlation in System/Network Management

In the management of complicated network system, a trivial fault of a network component or a machine may trigger thousands of critical events.It makes system administrator totally lost in the explosion of information. The methods of event correlation currently employed in the industry are rule-based and lack of  flexibility. It is interesting to find some new strategy of expert systems to facilitate event correlation.

High-speed Data Communucation Network

It is interesting that the most of high-speed networks are implemented in uni-direction other than bi-direction and speed of light becomes a major concern in such design. 


Bayesian Networks

Based Bayesian Theory, Bayesian belief network (BBN) demonstrates the power of modeling a domain containing uncertainty, hence provides the resolution of certain digonosis problems. A Bbn is a directed acyclic graph (dag) where each node represents a random variable.Each node contains the states of the random variable it represents and a conditional probability table (cpt)). The cpt of a node contains probabilities of the node being in a specific state given the states of its parents. Here is a introducation of Bayes Networks.


Expert Systems 

Modeling of information at higher levels of abstraction is hard and interesting. It is a big challenge to allow programs to be built that closely resemble human logic in their implementation and are therefore easier to develop and maintain.

Rule-based programming is one of the most commonly used techniques for developing expert systems. CLIPS is a productive development and delivery expert system tool which provides a complete environment for  the construction of rule and/or object based expert systems. I currently use CLIPS to build a heuristic sytem for betting. I have not tried Java version of CLIPS, JESS.