My Interests


I like travel and enjoy the experience in new environment with different culture and traditions. I traveled a lot  in China and got chance to visit Japan and Hongkong. My dream is to visit Europe in the near future. 


One of my American friends told me, "Each state in US just likes a  different country with its own heritage and traditions." I agree with his point. I did experience different living styles and diversity of culture in TX, CA, MI, IO, IL, ND, MN. That is not so bad for my first year stay in US.

Chicago Los Angeles   Fargo  99' MN State Fair

Not always lucky to have sunshine, breeze, nice scenes. We, seven guys, were caught in a storm on July 4, 1999 at Boundary Water Canoe Area with horrified experience to see numerous trees falling down over our heads. The strongest storm ever seen in decades blown down 23 million trees. Fortunately, None of us was hurt.

Boundary Water

Here are pictures took in our travels.


As an auto fan, there are a lot statistics numbers of auto models and brands in my head and I intend to learn the trend in the auto industry. That is also the reason that I got a BS of Power Machinery and Device. Although I have shifted most of my focus to computer and had more experience in information industry, I am still interested in getting hands-on experience of designing and repairing of auto. But now, the only tangible experience of auto is driving our car and change oil of it. 

Here are some pictures.


I have some talent of sports. I like swimming which I learned almost by myself. Currently, I'm practicing butterfly stroke. I am good at table tennis, tennis, soccer, fair at volleyball, badminton and skating.


I am not a good cooker, but I'd like to learn and "invent". My inventions usually get my wife's appreciation. One of my old classmate, Chen, Liping, shares us with her online menu of delicious Chinese dishes on the old classmates' site of 94002.