My Hometown

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Ancient Post Station

I was born in a small town, Xinhua with the reputation of high output of crops and numerous rivers in East China. My father is a teacher. I have a little brother who now is a senior student at college. I grew up in another small town, Gaoyou with abundant cultural heritage and importance in Chinese history with the reputation of duck eggs, special dishes and beautiful scenes. Both towns are in the Yangzhou district, with the alias of "hometown of fish and Rice". The meaning of Gaoyou in Chinese is "important place in post service", the name was assigned more than 2000 years ago in Qing dynasty. At ancient time, mails from relatives are very precious due to difficulties of transportation and wars across the country.

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Ancient Carriers


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The Great Cannel (1991)

After King of Qing unified whole China( 221 BC), he also promoted a new post service network across the country. Gaoyou was designed as a relay point among the network due to its geographic location with advantages to easily access adjacent areas and Great Cannel. A big post station was built to provide accommodation to mailers and their horses. The station is located just besides Great Cannel to facilitate the mail traffic from ships on the water. Now this post service station is the largest remained one across the country. Today, it is refurbished and opened as a museum to demonstrate the history of postal service in China.

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