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Chemical Safety

  • Departmental chemical safety training is required for all lab personnel.
  • MSDS sheets shall be maintained for all chemicals used in a lab. Familiarize yourself with the MSDS sheets relevant to your work.
  • Properly label all chemicals, including new and used hydraulic oil.
  • Store flammable chemicals and oils in appropriate designated places with clear labels.
  • Spilled and other dirty oil (oil that cannot be filtered and re-used) should be stored in a container labeled "Hydraulic Oil Waste".
  • Every container used for chemical waste must be clearly labeled "Hazardous Waste" using labels available from the University of Minnesota's Department of Environmental Health and Safety (DEHS). The waste shall be identified with a "DDC #", a "CAS #", and, if applicable, an "EPA #" that can be looked up on the DEHS web site. (For example, "water, oil, and floor dry" is DDC #05NH, CAS #UOFM22A and no EPA #).
  • A Hazardous Waste Packing Form must be filled out to accompany any hazardous waste. Contact a departmental safety officer to find out where to drop off the waste material for collection.
  • "Oil Dry" and other materials soaked in oil shall be double-bagged. (Alternately, DEHS can supply a 7 gallon pail with a screw-on lid.) The bags or pails shall be labeled with the appropriate hazardous waste label (DDC #05NH, CAS#UOFM22A, no EPA #). Contact a departmental safety officer to find out where to drop off the bags or pails for collection.
  • Soiled cloths shall be deposited in the red receptacles in the lab for washing and re-using.