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portrait Ramdev Kanapady
Affiliate Professor

Telephone: (612) 626-8101

Research Scientist, AHPCRC

Ph. D., 2001, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota

M.S., 1998, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota

B.S., 1992, Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India


Interests include the area of multidisciplinary fields, computational mechanics and high performance computing for massively parallel processors.

Current research subjects include:
    * Parallel Computing
    * Multi-body Dynamics Modeling and Analysis
    * Structural Dynamics
    * Contact-Impact Dynamics
    * Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
    * Meshless Methods
    * Finite Element Analysis
    * Computer Aided Design
    * Data Mining for Scientific and Engineering Data
    * Computational Electromagnetics
    * Time Integration
    * Multiple Time Scale Analysis
    * Molecular Dynamics
    * Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization
    * Inverse Analysis
    * Resin Transfer Molding
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