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Compressed Air Approach for Wind Energy Storage 





Principle Investigators:

Perry Y. Li (PI) Prof. Perry Y. Li (PI),    Email:,    Tel: 612-626-7815

Terry Simon Prof. Terrence W. Simon,  Email:,  Tel: 612-625-5831

Jim Van de
              Ven Prof. James Van de Ven,     Email:, Tel: 612-625-2499
              (virginia)  Prof. Eric Loth (U Virginia), Email:

Steve Crane
              (Lightsail) Dr. Steven E. Crane  (Lightsail Energy), Email:, Tel: 510-268-9770

Senior researcher:

  1. Dr. Amir Pourmousa (Lightsail Energy)

Post-doctoral researcher:

  1. Dr. Fazad Shirazi (UMN) -  test-bed lead; systems and control;

Graduate Students:

  1. Moshen Saadat  (UMN) - System Modeling, Control and Optimization
  2. Chao Zhang  (UMN) - Heat transfer modeling - CFD
  3. Shawn Willheim (UMN) - Hydraulic pump/motor design
  4. Hao Tian (UMN) - Valve design
  5. Chris QIn (UVa) - Fluid mechanics, Spray/nozzle
  6. Ghoku Krishnan (UVa) - Fluid mechanics - droplets

Undergraduate Students:

  1. Jackson Cheek (UVa)


  1. Andrew Rice (M.S., U of Minnesota, 2011)
  2. Bo Yan (M.S., U. of Minnesota, 2013)
  3. Dr. Adam Steele (UVa, post-doctoral research on surface texturing);
  4. Pieter Gagnon (B.S., U. of Minnesota, 2013)

  Contacts: Prof. Perry Y. Li
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