Jimi Hendrix... Karl J. Geisler

Jimi Hendrix in Rolling Stone

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68.02.10. Hendrix Bobbed and Weaved;... (Monterey film)
68.03.09. Jumping Jimi
68.03.09. Phony Hendrix LP in Legal Hot Water (Get That Feeling)
68.03.09. The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Axis ad)
68.03.09. It's Jimi Hendrix (interview)
68.04.06. Jimi Learns You Can't Win Them All (Get That Feeling)
68.04.06. Axis: Bold As Love
68.05.11. Meatball Fulton Lives (Meatball interview)
68.06.22. A Starting Film With Jimi Hendrix (Experience aka See My Music Talking)
68.11.09. Records (Electric Ladyland)
69.02.01. Picture (The crowd from Miami Pop Festival, i.a. a 8 mm camera)
69.02.01. Miami Pop Festival: The Most Festive Festival of 1968
69.02.01. Monterey Pop Film
69.02.01. Rock '68
69.02.01. Jimi Hendrix: Performer of the year
69.04.05. Noel Redding's Fat Mattress
69.05.17. "Monterey Pop" A Festive Film
69.05.17. Hendrix' OneİYear Retirement Plan
69.05.31. Hendrix Busted In Toronto
69.05.31. Hendrix Busted In Toronto
69.05.31. Denver Pop Festival (ad)
69.06.14. Festivals (Miami a.o.)
69.06.28. Festivals (San JosÀ)À a.o.)
69.06.28. Newport Festival (ad)
69.07.12. Jimi Hendrix Has A Brand New bass
69.08.23. Woodstock Is On The Run
69.09.06. Perspectives: Festival Paranoia
69.11.01. Now, on 8İtrack tape: "Easy Rider"
69.11.15. Redding On Jimi: "I Said Stuff It"
69.11.15. Jimi Hendrix: "I Don't Want To Be A Clown Any More..." (interview)
69.12.13. Popcorn (ad)
70.01.21. Heroine to the Rescue; Jimi Hendrix is innocent
70.01.21. Heroine Comes to Hendrix's rescue
70.02.07. Hendrix's AllİNew Band of Gypsys
70.02.21. Noel Redding's Physical Collapse
70.02.21. Bruce, Mitchell, Coryell & Mandel
70.03.19. Hendrix: The End Of The Beginning Maybe (interview)
70.04.30. Woodstock (The film)
70.04.30. Jimi Henbdrix ... Free (ad for free BOG LP)
70.05.14. Hendrix Band Of Gypsys (ad)
70.05.28. Records (Band Of Gypsys)
70.06.11. Woodstock ...the album (ad for Woodstock I)
70.06.25. 2nd Annual Atlanta Popfestival (ad)
70.07.09. Woodstock (Woodstock I)
70.07.23. Random notes (Live at the LA 70 bootleg)
70.08.06. Atlanta: the BiggestİAnd Maybe Last?
70.09.03. Records (Stepping Stone b/w Izabella)
70.09.17. The 1967 Monterey Int Pop Festival on Reocrds ... At last (ad)
70.10.01. Wheeling and Dealing on the Isle of Wight
70.10.15. LondonİJimi Hendrix is dead at age 24
70.10.15. Jimi...
70.10.15. Records (Otis/Jimi from Monterey)
70.10.15. Jimi Hendrix 1945İ1970
70.10.29. Hendrix Is Buried In Home Town
70.10.29. Hendrix Inquest Inconclusive
71.02.04. It Happened in 1970
71.02.18. New Year's Revolutions (33,3) (Cry Of Love ad)
71.03.04. Records, LTD. (Cry Of Love ad)
71.03.18. Hendrix The Cry of Love (ad)
71.03.18. Everybody Will Be On Television (re the Vasulkas)
71.04.01. Records (The Cry Of Love)
71.05.13. Random Notes (Fat Mattress)
71.05.13. Woodstock Two
71.05.27. Woodstock two (ad)
71.08.05. "Rainbow Bridge" Hendrix in Hawaii
71.11.11. Records (The First Great...Isle Of Wight/Atlanta)
71.12.09. Jimi Hendrix: Rainbow Bridge
72.10.26. Jimi's Rainbow: Live, from the Astroid Belt
76.12.02. Jimi Hendrix
76.12.06. A Piece Of The Rainbow