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Credit for the expanded lists goes to Jon Price for posting them!
(jp@kadu.demon.co.uk--comments, corrections,...)

Brackets after an entry contain: SOURCE, APPROXIMATE TIME, QUALITY

B = Television or radio recordings.
S = Soundboard recording.
A = Audience recording.

Quality Ratings:
All tapes are graded as follows and these ratings give a fair representation of sound quality.
10 (E+)  EXCELLENT +  Master quality

 9 (E)   EXCELLENT    CD quality

 8 (VG+) VERY GOOD +  Vinyl. Very slight noise or distortion.

 7 (VG)  VERY GOOD    Generally very good but not professional quality.

 6 (G+)  GOOD +       All instruments audible but with some distortion.

 5 (G)   GOOD         All instruments audible but with excessive tape hiss,
                      compressed sound or distortion.

 4 (R)   REASONABLE   Usually an audience recording with good instrument
                      balance but sound quality below average.

 3 (F)   FAIR         Audience recording, poor balance with at least one
                      instrument, bad distortion.

 2 (P)   POOR         Only the main instrument clearly audible. 
                      Very distorted with bad hall ambience.

 1 (A)   ABYSMAL      Virtually inaudible.