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Karl J. Geisler
Here are links to some other Hendrix-related sites out there. This list was compiled years ago, and I have no intentions of updating it. If you're link is outdated, please let me know, and I'll remove it.

Experience Hendrix Interactive THE official JH Web Site.
The Jimi Hendrix Server
The Hey Joe mailing list.

Legends Concert Posters
Legends Concert Posters has vast selection of Concert Posters, Backstage Passes, Broadway Musical Posters, Sheet Music, Tour Programs, Records and Memorabilia.
Alex Thayer's Jimi Hendrix stuff.
Lotza fun with Hendrix pics.
Eli's Jimi Hendrix page
Jimi Hendrix Digital VOODOO
A great looking weekly net mag.
A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix, by Don Berryman. Sound files, pictures, and links.
Claus Rasmussen's page.

Audience recordings, set lists, reviews and articles!

HendrixNut's page

Craig's Top Ten Hendrix Shows.

Progg's Ultimate Jimi Hendrix web site - Lyrics, tab, sounds.
Fly on, a tribute by Chris Adeoek.
Are You Experienced? Biff's Jimi page.

Album listings and such.

Robert's page

Jimi on jazz piano! from Reed Robins.
Jimi Hendrix photos for sale.

More Jimi Hendrix photos for sale.

Original artwork by Jon Epstein and Patrick Lichty based on the works of JIMI HENDRIX

The mystery of the century!

Jimi's Grave

Buy Hendrix CD's.