Noel Redding
1945 - 2003

"I should have been a plumber. That's a joke. But the thing is, plumbers get paid. But there again, I'm still playing, thank God. That's the main thing."

This is just my addition to the wealth of Jimi Hendrix stuff already on the net. I started this site during the summer of '95. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to devote to it that I would like. Please, enjoy my little tribute. There should be something for everybody. There were a number of sections that I had kinda half-started. I finally decided to get rid of them all together.

I have varied interests, but my life would definitely be quite a bit less colorful if I hadn't come across this guy's music, oh so many years ago (ok, well, 1987?). All it took was a few minutes of "The Star Spangled Banner" off of the original Woodstock soundtrack at the local library.

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Hendrix sightings in Rolling Stone.

I've heard it said about Jesus Christ that he lived for 20 or 30-so years, and traveled just over 200 years throughout his life--nothing compared to the impact he's had on this world. I'm no born-again christian or anything, but it's an interesting point. Now I'm not trying to say Jimi is God, or anything either, but for a man who put out 3 proper studio albums and wrote 70-some songs, he sure has had quite an impact on this world as well. If you check out the Jimi Hendrix mailing lists you'll see literally hundreds of Hendrix fans, ranging from junior high students to senior citizens, sharing their love for the man and his music.
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If you're in the mood to cry, check out this article that appeared in Circus Magazine, on December 1970, written by Tony Glover.

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James F. Klausner's
"JFK Experience"

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