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Voodoo Soup

This is the last Alan Douglas remastered release. It should be called Voodoo Slop. AD leaves out the beginning of Pali Gap. The drums on Stepping Stone (and another tune or two) are poorly overdubbed by Bruce Gary (ex-drummer for the knack, among other things). This is a "must not" for beginning Hendrix fans. A good portion of the CD is remastered Cry of Love. These days you'll probably only be able to find Voodoo Soup used. Like I said, don't bother. Go out and pick up First Rays of the New Rising Sun.

Track list:
The New Rising Sun * Belly Button Window * Stepping Stone * Freedom * Angel * Room Full of Mirrors * Midnight * Night Bird Flying * Drifting * Exy Ryder * Pali Gap * Message to Love * Peace Im Mississippi * In From the Storm