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Songs of Jimi Hendrix for Solo Jazz Piano
by Reed Robins

This is something every hard-core hendrix fan should have. Reed has based his "compositions" on some of the greatest music of all time-- classic hendrix. I call his tunes "compositions" rather than "arrangements" because he has based original material on the form and theme of the original songs. If I'm not listening too carefully, it's often hard to figure out what song is playing. This is definitely NOT a note-for-note jimi on piano. Reed does a very tasteful job. His music stands for itself--despite the fact that they're hendrix tunes.

Everytime i listen to it i pick up more and more stuff. Little Wing is just beautiful (as it should be, it's an incredibly beautiful song in the first place), Reed definitely did it justice.

I think the greatest thing about this CD is that hendrix fans like us can use it to slip a little jimi in situations where it might not otherwise be appropriate. Work in a classy restaurant?? Put in some jazz piano, no one will notice while you jam to jimi. :)

See what Reed himself says about this album: his background, the liner notes, his musical approach.
All of this was posted on the hey-joe mailing list by Reed himself.

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