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"Experience" Jimi Hendrix

This album is also subtitled as "The Last Experience, His Final Performance," but that is pretty far from the truth. The concert took place at London's Albert Hall on February 24 in 1969. (Jimi also did a show there on the 18th, so it's possible that some of that material was used as well, though the set list for the show on the 24th contains all the tunes on this album, whereas the show of the 18th does not. The only songs common to both the show of the 18th and the album are Fire, Sunshine of Your Love, Purple Haze, and Voodoo Chile.) It was rumored that Noel Redding was leaving the group after this show, thereby making it the last performance of the original Jimi Hendrix Experience. However, Noel stuck around for a few months, his last performance taking place June 29, 1969 in Colorado.

This show was filmed for a motion picture, but due to some legal hassles, it was never properly released, though it is out there in some form. I guess it's in black and white

This album has been packaged a few different ways. Some incorrectly list the first track as Little Ivey (Little Wing). It appears that originally Room Full of Mirrors and Bleeding Heart were only included in editted form. My CD includes the "extended versions." See the next album in the list for more info.

Track list:
Little Ivey (Wing) * Voodoo Chile * Room Full of Mirrors * Fire * Purple Haze * Wild Thing * Bleeding Heart * The Sunshine of Your Love * Room Full of Mirrors (extended) * Bleeding Heart (extended) * Smashing of the Amps * C# Blues

More "Experience"

The second volume of this set. Who knows how the the various incantentations of this material have been presented. The tracks listed here are
Little Ivey * Voodoo Chile * Room Full of Mirrors * Fire * Purple Haze * Wild Thing * Bleeding Heart
Notice a resemblence with that last album? The babble on the back of the album (I only have this one on vinyl) says this one contains the rest of the titles used in the film. Well, I don't know what the original first album had on it, but this one here doesn't even have the extended versions.