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Flashing & Get that Feeling

I put these two, separate, albums together for reasons that should be quite obvious. Jimi worked with Curtis in the early days, but around July of '67, he was tricked by producer Ed Caplin into doing a recording session with Knight, under the understanding that the material would not be released.

This stuff seems to pop up everywhere. There are also some live "with Curtis Knight" recordings around from two appearances around New Jersey in 1965, when Jimi was actually in Curtis Knight's band.

I strongly recommend Flashing. The music rocks. Get That Feeling is quite cheesey in comparison. I found GTF in a discount tape bin at some discount department store. My dad bought Flashing for me while on a business trip. Dad rules.

The track Love, Love has basically the same music as Happy Birthday (both on Flashing). The interesting thing is that the Beastie Boys' Check Your Head begins with samples of Happy Birthday (the track Jimmy James).

Much to my delight these albums have been reissued on cd. They're given subtitles like "The Authentic PPX Studio Recordings Vol. X". The only bad thing is that they're made in Europe somewhere and therefore carry import prices. The PPX people have also released Ballad of Jimi and a Live at George's Club.

Get That Feeling
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