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Woke Up This Morning and Found Myself Dead

The lesson to be learned here is "LET THE BUYER BEWARE!" This CD contains a recording Jimi himself made of a jam at the Scene in NYC in early March (the 7th?) of 1968. Jim Morrison is there shouting vulgar things while Jimi tries to play. There are questions as to the rest of the line-up. Buddy Miles was there and participated a little in the jam but there was also another drummer on hand. (Buddy's attendance is debatable. I asked him myself, and he said it was him, but what else is he going to say after 30years!), Johnny Winters is advertised to have been there as well, but although he was friends with Jimi and worked with him from time to time, Johnny was in Texas at the time this jam took place. Regardless, it's cool, a good album to have, but be warned. I've seen this exact same recording packaged and sold under 4 different names with 4 different cover photos/artwork. Three of these 4 were in the same store, on the same rack, inches from each other!

Tracks on this recording:
Red House * Wake up this Morning and You Find Yourself Dead * Bleeding Heart * Morrison's Lament * Tomorrow Never Knows * Uranus Rock * Outside Woman Blues * Sunshine of Your Love

To complicate things further, these tracks appear in many other places with different names:

I'm Gonna Leave This Town
All or part of it has been released as: You Gave Me Love, Blues Blues, Blue Blues, Jimi's Blues, & WUTMAYFYD.

Outside Woman Blues
One alternate title is: Lime Lime.

Bleeding Heart
One alternate title is: Peoples Peoples

Tomorrow Never Knows
All or part of it has been released as: Whoa Ech, Whoa Eeh, Tomorrow, Uranus Rock, No!No!, In The Morning, FHITA, Morrison's Lament.

I have seen or heard of this album appearing under the following titles: FURTHERMORE, at least three of the tunes (Red House, Woke Up this Morning..., and Bleeding Heart) appear on From this Day On. It's worth having, but not 3 or 4 times. The Bleeding Heart version IMO has the best cover, though from what I hear, the "Woke up this..." version is the least editted.