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Crosstown Conversation

This is an interview conducted by John Burks (of Rolling Stone Magazine) on February 4, 1970, in Mike Jeffrey's apartment, New York City, NY. Mitch AND Noel were there, as if there had never been a break-up (Noel, of course, never really did rejoin).

I suppose that the tape was just a reference for John's article and never was intended for listening by others. Jimi is barely understandable most of the time. John's voice is loud and clear. Much inprovement could be done with a good eq, but I'm left to struggle with it as is.

The group is in good spirits, jokes and the like. John is a dork at times. Well, I suppose like any good interviewer, he's just trying to get some definite info out of Jimi that he can later report on. Oh well.

A more complete version is found on "Jimi Hendrix Interview 1970."