Cry of Love Albums... Jimi Hendrix... Karl J. Geisler

Cry of Love

The first of the posthumous "studio" albums. Jimi was working on a two-album project to be called "First Rays of the New Rising Sun" when he died. After his death, some of the people closest to him at the time (including Mitch Mitchel and Eddie Kramer) got together and put this together. This is a great album, though it's kinda hard to find these days. I picked it up on cassette probably around 1987 in a commercial music store.

Track list:
Freedom * Drifting * Ezy Ryder * Night Bird Flying * My Friend * Straight Ahead * Astro Man * Angel * In From the Storm * Belly Button Window

All these songs have been remastered and included on the recent release, First Rays of the New Rising Sun.

Most of these songs were included on the piece of crap Voodoo Soup released a couple years ago.