Calling Long Distance Albums... Jimi Hendrix... Karl J. Geisler

Calling Long Distance

The first Univibes CD.

Midnight Lamp-Gothenberg 9/11/67 AUD
Little Miss Lover-acetate demo
Foxy Lady/Catfish Blues-Hoepla TV Bussum, Holland Nov.67 SB
'67 BBC Interview
Purple Haze-Ottawa 3/18/68 SB
Fire/Hear My Train-Miami 5/18/68 SB
Spanish Castle Magic-Winterland '68 SB (best version ever)
Slow Talkin' Walk-'68 demo with Robert Wyatt STU
Improvisation-Jimi and Billy Studio '70 STU
Hey Haby/Red House-Copenhagen 9/3/70 AUD

Much of this material is available on boot CD's, but the material here is of notably better sound quality. Unfortunately, it is out of print.