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Band of Gypsies
(Band of Gypsys Vol. 3)

There are two main bootlegs (that I know of) which contain wonderful BoG studio tracks: Band of Gypsys Rehearsals and Band of Gypsys Vol. 3. The one to have is Band of Gypsys Vol. 3 -- it includes all of the BoG Rehearsals tunes, but it also has additional tracks from the same sessions, as well as some live Fillmore material and the usual studio outtakes. The original Band of Gypsys Vol. 3 bootleg was rereleased under the title Band of Gypsies--the cover of which appears above.

For the full story on other BoG releases, see the discussion included with the original Band of Gypsys album.

Disc 1
(31/12/69 1st show rehearsal)
	Message to Love		 5:05
	Ezy Rider		 5:55
	Power of Soul		 7:48
	Changes			 5:55
	Lover Man		 2:47
(11/69 NY studio)		
	Who Knows		10:36
	Message of Love		 3:55
(14/11/69 Record Plant)		
	Keep On Moving		 3:46
(29/10/69 Record Plant)
	Machine Gun		12:34
	Stepping Stone I	 4:08
	Stepping Stone II	 4:19
	Izabella (ins.)		 4:52
	Crash Landing		 4:26
Disc 2
(31/12/69 2nd show rehearsal)
	Little Drummer Boy
	 /Silent Night		 3:26
	Auld Lang Syne		 1:51
	Burning Desire		 9:27
	Hootchie Kootchie Man	 5:58
	Interview		 1:50
(31/12/69 1st show)
	Power of Soul		 5:42
	Lover Man		 3:19
	Hear My Train		 9:48
	Changes			 6:42
	Machine Gun		13:09
(31/12/69 2nd show)
	Happy New Year		 2:53