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Band of Gypsys

So, how would you like to spend New Year's Eve with Jimi? Well, that's exactly what Buddy Miles, Billy Cox, and an audience full of people (4 shows worth) got to do as we entered the 70's. Recorded live at the Fillmore East in NYC, this set of shows marked a new year, a new decade, and a new direction for Jimi and his "Experience".

  1. Who Knows (1/1/70 1st show) 9:35
  2. Machine Gun (1/1/70 1st show) 12:39
  3. Changes (1/1/70 2nd show) 5:11
  4. Power To Love (1/1/70 2nd show) 6:56
  5. Message of Love (1/1/70 2nd show) 5:23
  6. We Gotta Live Together (1/1/70 2nd show) 5:49

The German (Japanese as well) CD releases of this album (denoted Band of Gypsys +3) comes with 3 bonus tracks:

Stop is definitely one of my favorite songs from the shows, and it's well worth the extra $$ for the import version.

To make things more complicated, there is a Band of Gypsys 2 album and a number of different Band of Gypsys bootlegs.

Band of Gypsys 2 was officially released some time after Jimi's death (a couple years?). There are a variety of different pressings out there. These first two have identical covers and labels.

One pressing contains:

The less common pressing contains: This third pressing (misprint) was discussed in Jimpress 23 (Nov. '93): That's right, they pressed up Voodoo Chile and Stone Free twice!

I recently got email from a guy with yet another version:

I guessed at the dates for these tracks, assuming that they are the same tracks as on the other releases. Side 2 has the same matrix as the original misprint. From side 1 of a correct pressing, the matrix almost matches - OB-25070-Z2 14004 SJ-J-12416-Z2 RE1, but it must've been the repressing.

Confused yet?

Now, there are two main bootlegs which contain additional BoG tracks, Band of Gypsys Rehearsals and Band of Gypsys Vol. 3. The one to have is Band of Gypsys Vol. 3 -- it includes all of the BoG Rehearsals tunes, but it also has additional tracks from the same sessions, as well as some live Fillmore material and the usual studio outtakes. The original Band of Gypsys Vol. 3 bootleg was rereleased under the title Band of Gypsies.

Perhaps that's more than you wanted to know.

In summary:

  1. Band of Gypsys - original album, Capitol "remastered version", and recent MCA remastered version.
  2. Band of Gypsys +3 - import version of #1 with 3 additional tracks
  3. Band of Gypsys 2 - sequel to #1 (4? different pressings)
  4. Band of Gypsys Rehearsals - bootleg, contains subset of #5
  5. Band of Gypsys Vol. 3 - bootleg of studio and live tracks
  6. Band of Gypsies - bootleg, copy of #5
So, we have BoG, BoG+3, BoG2, BoG3, and BoG Rehearsals. I'm sure there are even more BoG bootlegs out there, and maybe a new release is on the way.

I have #'s 1, 2, and 6. I also have tapes from traders which contain all 4 Band of Gypsys shows from New Year's eve and day 69/70.