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We Love Ya, Thanx Forever                       *

Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) (3:49)
Come On (3:01)
Gypsy Eyes (2:54)
Long Hot Summer Night (Acoustic Demo, Take 1) (2:26)
Long Hot Summer Night (Acoustic Demo, Take 2) (2:14)
1983 (8:00)
Voodoo Chile (5:42)
Gypsy Eyes (5:44)
Angel (3:38)
1983 (4:46)
One Rainy Wish (3:56)
Earth Blues (4:32)
Look Over Yonder (3:18)
Room Full Of Mirrors (2:56)
Electric Indians (Instrumental Jam) (8:57)
Voodoo Blues (Drone Blues) (4:47)

Doubly frustrating is the best description of this release. First, in 1993
we reviewed a disc titled Voodoo Blues (Smurf), stating at the time
that disc's release was "frustrating" to Hendrix fans. Now, we're
doubly frustrated as the only difference between Voodoo Blues and
We Love Ya, Thanx Forever is the title of the disc printed on the spine
of the CD jewel box. That's right, the cover is the same, even the disc
inside offers a 1992 copyright date!

Of the 10 tracks, eight were pulled from the commercial Lifelines
release. The other two, mistitled here as "Electric Indians" and
"Voodoo Blues", although somewhat rare, were originally released on
the vinyl Hell's Sessions, and have appeared under different titles on
various CD releases. "Electric Indians" is actually an instrumental jam
featuring Hendrix and John McLaughlin from the Record Plant circa
1969. "Voodoo Blues" is better known today as "Drone Blues",
recorded at the Record Plant 4/24/69. (1996)

Welcome to the Electric Circus
Midnight Beat (MB CD 016)
This disc should have no excuses for presenting poor quality sound but 
sadly the only thing that it has in it's favour is that it presents the 
complete show.
Once again there are two source tapes for this Experience gig at The
Falkoner Centret, Copenhagen, Denmark, 10 January 1969 and both are
excellent for audience recordings. It should be noted that the second tape
is a recent discovery and so the one that most people have in their
collections was the one used for this cd. A good low generation copy of the
tape is a perfectly enjoyable listen but in comparison this cd, which
although in isolation sounds reasonable, comes over as being a good few
generations down the line, missing the subtle and open sound evident on the
tape. The disc sounds muffled in comparison and this I suspect is due to
the dreaded noise suppression system at work again. A tape with a bit of
background noise and lots of life is far preferable to something as dull
and anaemic as this.
Fire (3.46)
Foxy Lady (5.13)
Tax Free (13.24)
Spanish Castle Magic (8.38)
Red House (16.18)
Sunshine Of Your Love (8.50)
I Don't Live Today-
Star Spangled Banner (8.55)
Purple Haze (4.58)

        Tax Free is amazing.  Spanish Castle Magic is excellent.  I Don't
Live Today is more than superb.  IDLT in particular...he goes through
several minutes of pure fantastic guitar work before doing nearly all of
the SSB, then the riff from Third Stone From the Sun!  Sure, I've heard
him mess with this before, but here it sounds better than any other
version I've heard yet.  Wow.

        Only problem is - the guitar is the only clearly audible
instrument, and that comes through like a hot knife through butter.  The
vocals don't exist by the time you get to the last song: Purple Haze.
It's funny, all you hear is guitar and then occasionally everything stops
and you hear, "Excuse me while I kiss the sky," and then the guitar comes
back in drowning everything else out.  If you can tell, I'm really excited
about this show...I haven't even listened to the 16+ minute Red House yet.

        Tax Free is another excellent version as well.  Wow.  It's so
different than Winterland, yet it's so similar...wow.

        Another thing worth pointing out: this concert was the NEXT DAY
after the famous Stockholm 1/9/69 shows.  Those, as you may know if you
have On The Killing Floor, are amazing.  I like this better for the song
selection alone.  Quality is not great, but the guitar is so clear it
makes you weep for the future...*)


        The sound quality is excellent for an audience tape, better than
HC.  I like this one a lot.  This Tax Free is on the UniVibes "Jimi In
Denmark."  This was the first time Jimi played Tax Free since the three
performances at Winterland!  It's excellent: Caesar included it for GOOD
reason.  Wow...and parts of this were on a vinyl boot, but this is the
ONLY complete source for this show.

Welcome to the Electric Circus Vol. 2
Midnight Beat (MB CD 018)
Welcome To The Electric Circus Vol.2 really should have been a stunning
release but it fails on all counts and is the worst of the four on offer.
Combining the Vejlby Risskov Hallen, Arhus show in Denmark from 2 September
1970 with the following days performance at the K.B Hallen in Copenhagen
seems like a good idea as both shows yielded excellent audience recordings,
in the case of the K.B Hallen more than one. Sadly the sound quality
contained on the cd is nowhere up to the standard of either tape with the
K.B Hallen suffering the worst. 
Although the Arhus portion of the disc gives the complete show 
(and that isn't too hard as the exhausted Hendrix only managed three numbers) 
the K.B Hallen manages to loose no less than five numbers from the set. 
Stone Free, Foxy Lady and Message To Love are missing from the start of the 
set and Machine Gun and Spanish Castle Magic are conspicuous by their absence 
in between Watchtower and Ezy Rider. This could have been a great double cd 
if the correct low generation source tapes had been used and the K.B Hallen 
show was complete. 
What we get here is, firstly from Arhus:
Freedom (6.13)
Message To Love (9.49)
Hey Baby (new rising sun)/Mitch's Drum Solo (6.56)
and from the K.B Hallen:
Hey Baby (new rising sun) (6.08)
All Along The Watchtower (3.49)
Ezy Rider (7.09)
Red House (9.47)
In From The Storm (3.52)
Purple Haze (3.06)
Voodoo Chile (slight return) (13.35)
Hey Joe (5.06)
Fire (3.55)
The Winterland Days (Limited Edition)
Minotauro (MD001/2)
For a pricey, limited edition double CD set I was expecting a little better
sound quality, but it's great to hear more from one of his best concerts,
the essential 3-day Winterland extravaganza. Beautifully packaged in a
steel double CD case. For a collector's item or simply just to buy, get it
1. Voodoo Child
2. Red House
3. Sunshine of Your Love
4. Hear My Train A Coming
5. Hey Joe
6. Star Spangled Banner/Purple Haze
7. Are You Experienced
8. Spanish Castle Magic
9. Fire
10. Foxy Lady
11. Lover Man
12. Like a Rolling Stone
13. Tax Free
14. Little Wing
Rating: B+ Could have been an A if the sound quality was a little better.
PILZ FM 2101-2

The CD comes in a tin can.
The cover is a native drawn circus man with a whip and dancing bears, the
contents of the CD is  exactly what  has been formely released as the

It is nice, but nothing more than a neat gift to a collector, who has already 
the Youngblood-stuff.

All but 3 tracks are fakes

(same as Free Spirit, Cherokee)

The Wind Cries Mary

a reissue of "Out of the Studio"

The Wink of an Eye

Denver Pop Festival 6/29/69 and Fehmarn 9/6/70

Uses audience tapes as sources, and poor sources at that. The
CD is really only worthwhile from a historical perspective, in that Denver
was Noel's last show and Fehmarn was Jimi's last show. Otherwise, the
quality is quite bad.

Wizard's Visions
World Prod. of Compact Music (WPOCM CD 0789D026-2)
This CD is of poor quality and a terrible performance. Jimi is disgusted
with the audience and rips off tunes with no desire to play. "Electric
Gypsy" explains how Jimi frequently stopped playing to yell obscenities at
the crowd, but thanks to the once again horrendous editing as with many of
Hendrix's recordings, this was cut out.
1. Fire
2. Hear My Train A Coming
3. Red House
4. Stone Free
5. Are You Experienced/Stone Free
6. Sunshine of Your Love
7. Foxy Lady
8. Like a Rolling Stone
9. Voodoo Child
10. Purple Haze
Rating: D+ Terrible concert and even worse sound quality spells out STAY
AWAY from this release. I have heard MORE ELECTRICITY FROM NEWPORT is
Woodstock Nation
Wild Bird (WBR 890901/2)
Double CD of Hendrix at the Woodstock Festival, August 18th,
1969. THe sound quality is very good, though it was recorded a bit fast.
Further, the speed fluctuates from here to there.
Despite the recording problems, 
Jimi, Mitch, Larry, Billy, Juma and Jerry pump out nearly an hour and
a half of jamming culminating with the Star Spangled Banner/Purple Haze/
Instrumental Solo medley which will knock your socks off again and
again.  This is perhaps one of the most popular sources for the Woodstock
material that was not included in the recent MCA release.
1. Intro
2. Hear My Train A Coming
3. Spanish Castle Magic
4. Red House
5. Mastermind
6. Lover Man
7. Foxy Lady
8. Jamming Back at the House
9. Izabella
10. Gypsy Woman
11. Fire
12. Voodoo Child
13. Star Spangled Banner
14. Purple Haze
15. Instumental Solo
16. Hey Joe
Rating: B That speed thing is hanging me up on this one.  
Blank Label

Side One:
 - Like A Rolling Stone
 - Rock Me Baby
 - Can You See Me
 - Wild Thing

Side Two:
 - Red House
 - Star Spangled Banner
 - Purple Haze
 - Instrumental Solo

NOTE : All tracks Side One plus Red House from Side Two are from 
       the Reprise album titled "MONTEREY INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL" 
       Released 1970

       All remaining tracks Side Two are from the Cotillion album 
       titled "WOODSTOCK" Released 1970