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Two Great Experiences Together - Volume 5
Featuring Jimi Hendrix and Lonnie Youngblood
This is a the fifth disc (mis-matched) piece of vinyl acting as a continuation
of the 3-LP set released via JOKER in 1972, JIMI HENDRIX AT HIS BEST 
series (i-iii), AND the later release Volume IV.
Wipe The Sweat
Sweat Segway II
Sweat Segway III
Goodbye (Bessie Mae)
Two In One Goes
All I Want
Under the Table
Table II
Table III
For Volume IV, see Jimi Hendrix Volume IV

TV Sessions CD-R  Major Tom MT 035
Total Disc Time - 59:49  17 tracks - all indexed separately

1) Shotgun 3:02
2) Hey Joe 2:51
3) Manic Depression 3:11
4) Foxy Lady 4:25
5) Hey Joe 3:46
6) Wild Thing 4:02
7) Interview 6:03
8) Getting My Heart Back Together 3:02
9) Introduction 0:44
10) Izabella 3:20
11) Machine Gun 2:46
12) Interview 6:13
13) Purple Haze I 2:50
14) Purple Haze II 2:42
15) Purple Haze III 2:47
16) The Burning of the Midnight Lamp 4:14
17) The Wind Cries Mary 3:33

     #1 February, 1965, Night Train, Channel 5 TV, w/ Buddy & Stacey and 
the Upsetters;
     #2 1967, Top of the Pops, BBC TV, London;
     #3 April 17, 1967, Late Night Line Up, BBC TV, London;
     #4 March 15, 1968, Atwood Hall, Clark University, Worcester, 
  #5-#6 October 1967, Paris, France;
  #7-#8 July 7, 1969, The Dick Cavett Show, ABC Studios, New York;
 #9-#12 September 9, 1969, The Dick Cavett Show, ABC Studios, New York;
#13-#17 1967, Top of the Pops, BBC TV, London.

  A CD-R release on the Major Tom label! Another in a nice series of 
Deluxe CD-R releases. Another fancy color insert and a nice label on the 
disc itself once again. Major Tom puts out very nice homemade releases.

  The slip cover found in the front of the jewel case is of the fold open
variety. The cover is a photo of Jimi, Mitch and Noel. Its from the photo 
session where there is the psychedelic swirls behind the boys. I have a 
nice poster from this shoot. A great photo!! Across the top left is "Jimi 
Hendrix" in yellow font and the title of the disc is across the bottom 
left of the cover, in smaller yellow font. 

  On the reverse slip cover, the background is pinkish red, "Jimi Hendrix 
TV Sessions" runs across the top in white font. The song titles beginning 
at the top and running down the middle in small white font, center 
justified. At the very bottom right is the label and disc number.

  Open the slip cover and we see on the left page "Jimi Hendrix", 
followed by the title of the CD and then the the song titles down the 
left. To the right of the titles are some location information. Shotgun 
is noted as "First TV appearance 1965". Hey Joe is "Top of the Pops 
1967". Manic Depression is from "Late Night Line-Up 1967". Foxy Lady is 
said to be from "US TV 1968", but I think it is Clark University. Hey Joe 
and Wild Thing it says is from "French TV 1967". Definitely these songs 
were recorded in October 1967, but I am not too sure about the actual 
date and venues. Tracks #7-#12 are from Jimi's two appearances on the 
Dick Cavett show in 1969. The remainder of the tracks are noted as being 
from "Top of the Pops 1967". Again, I can't be sure of the dates, but I 
can tell you the sound is absolutely horrible. Sounds like someone 
recorded the tunes while they were on TV and the tape machine was across 
the room. Very disappointing as I don't believe these tunes survived on 
  I may be wrong there and I would ask for anyone who is more 
knowledgable about the dates Jimi appeared on TV, especially the French 
and BBC stuff, to impart their wisdom as to when these tunes were recorded.
  At the bottom of the page is "Major Tom MT 035". On the right hand side 
it lists the MT releases from MT 031 to MT 045. There are no new Jimi 
titles that haven't been discussed here previously.

  The back of the jewel box has the cover photo again, although this time 
it is stretched a bit horizontally so it looks a bit wide. The same text 
found on the cover of the CD is present, albeit in a bit of a different 
location, as well as the label and disc number and "Made in Taiwan" in 
the bottom right corner in yellow font.

  No times are indicated anywhere on this release. The times given above 
are from my CD player. All tracks are indexed separately.

  The disc itself has a nice reproduction of the cover photo and is a
gold/brass in color. It has "Jimi Hendrix" at the top with the title in 
the lower left. The label name and disc number, along with "Made in 
Taiwan" is at the right.

  The sounds is uneven throughout as would be expected. The Cavett stuff 
sounds good, it is just the last 5 tunes that sound really bad. 

  A nice collection and it is good to see that they stayed away from the 
more well known BBC stuff like Lulu show and the Radio One songs. 

  It would be nice if anyone can contribute their thoughts as to the 
dates that are missing.