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Race with the Devil

Disc One
Jeff Dexter's Intro
The Queen (Jimi this time!)
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts
  Club Band
Spanish Castle Magic
All Along the Watchtower
Machine Gun (including amongst
  others Race with the Devil
  and hence this disc's title)
Lover Man
Red House
Dolly Dagger
Midnight Lightning
Disc Two
Foxy Lady
Message to Love
Hey Baby (Land of a New Rising Sun)
Ezy Rider
Hey Joe
Purple Haze
Voodoo Chile (slight return)
In From The Storm
 QUALITY: Excellent 
COMMENTS: The complete set from the Isle of Wight this 
time, unlike Island Man, including every bit of 
chatter, guitar meandering, and crowd noise that occurred 
in between songs. It also is missing the thirty or so 
seconds of the drum solo in Machine Gun just before Jimi 
comes back in as on Island Man, thus perhaps missing from 
the multi-track tapes, I suspect. If disc one had ended 
with Dolly Dagger and disc two started up with Midnight 
Lightning it would have keep the continuity with the medley 
of Midnight Lightning and Foxy Lady ... I do get demanding 
sometimes, just ask my friends. 

Rainbow Bridge 2
JMH 003/2

A good choice if you want the concert
as complete as possible on one album. Other good-quality bootlegs
featuring recordings from the Maui-shows are: "Last American Concert
Vol.1" (from 1st Show) (TSP 062), "Last American Concert Vol.2" (from
2nd Show) (TSP 072) and "Incident at Rainbow Bridge & Isle of Wight"
(PYCD 060-2) (only 1 CD featuring Maui-recordings).

Furthermore: The 2 "missing" tracks on "Rainbow Bridge 2" (JMH 003/2) - 
Stone Free & Hey Joe - are on the LP "You can't use my 
name" (Rock Folders 2). They're also on "IFTS", but on that album they 
are ... too ... fast. 

The Genuine Pig TGP-CD 134

TRACKS: Spanish Castle Magic, Lover Man, Hey Baby(Land of the New
Risin Sun), Message of Love, Foxy Lady, Hear My Train A'Comin', Voodoo
Chile, Fire, Purple Haze, Dolly Dagger, Ezy Rider, Red House, and Freedom.

QUALITY: Excellent soundboard.

RECORDED: July 30th, 1970 in the craters of the volcano Haleakala on Maui.

COMMENTS: This disc contains the entire first set and the packaging is
excellent. It is one of the nicest bootlegs I have every purchased. The
booklet contains five photos, a reproduction of the poster for the show
and a brief description of the concert. Last American Concert Vol. 1
(Swinging Pig TSP-CD062) is missing the first and last four tunes from this
set. Voodoo Chile (Oil Well RSC 014 CD) is a re- release of IAC Vl.

At the very least, 'Redskin Jammin'' features the most bizarre packaging of any 
Jimi Hendrix bootleg: a twist open cardboard container with a painted picture of
Jimi on the cover.  Inside, we find two picture CDs and minimal liner notes.  
The track listing indicates lots of new titles, but does that mean new songs?  A
dream release, or another nightmare?  Let's investigate.
Cherokee Mist (7:04) has long since attained BTD (bootlegged to death) status.  
The Experience at the Record Plant, 2 May 1968, with Jimi on sitar.  Can be 
found on a zillion bootlegs, from 'Cherokee Mist' to 'The Official Bootleg 
The second track, Redskin Jammin', is actually Jimi/Jimmy Jam (17:24), presented
in complete form for the first time.  The most complete prior versions, on 
'Let's Drop Some Ludes And Vomit With Jimi' and 'Electric Lady Jams,' were 1:12 
shorter.  From the Record Plant, 25 March 1969, with Jimi and Jim McCarty on 
guitars and Mitch on drums and Roland Robinson on bass (see JP 27, pg. 6-7).
Next up is 'Bad Feelings,' which is really World Traveler (7:26).  This recently
appeared on 'The McLaughlin Sessions' (see JP 35, p. 29), as did the following 
track, It's Too Bad/Room Full Of Mirrors (10:38).  Both feature Jimi on guitar, 
Billy on bass, Mitch on drums, and Larry Young on organ, and were recorded at 
the Record Plant, 14 March 1969.
'Jam Sky' is an edit of Strato Strut (1:09), which appeared under the title of 
'Funky Blues Jam' on 'Freak Out Blues' and 'Ultra Rare Trax.'  Conflicting 
details exist as to where this was recorded and by whom, but the best 
possibility is the Band Of Gypsys at the Record Plant, January 1970.
'Coast To Coast' is Drivin' South/Everything's Gonna Be Alright (12:19), which 
also appeared, in similar length, on 'The McLaughlin Sessions.'  The most 
complete version is found on 'Record Plant Jam.'  From the Record Plant, 21 May 
1969, with Jimi and John McLaughlin on guitars, Buddy on drums, and Dave Holland
on bass.
'Bridge To Nowhere' is the same edited version of Drone Blues (7:19) described 
in 'Nine To The Universe: Alternative Mixes' (JP 27, p. 6).  Although longer 
than the version issued officially on 'Nine To The Universe' (6:16), this is not
the longest released version.  Recorded at the Record Plant on 24 April 1969 
with Jimi on guitar and an unknown bassist and drummer.
The last two songs on this disc were issued on 'Talent & Feeling, Vol. 1.'  Ezy 
Ryder (8:49) is take #3 (see JP 29, p. 22), while Message To Love (5:39) 
represents one of many takes, both by the Band Of Gypsys.  Probably recorded at 
Baggies, 18-20? December 1969.
Lover Man (5:08) is the same version found on '51st Anniversary' and 'Talent & 
Feeling, Vol. 1.'  From T.T.G. Inc. Sunset-Highland Recording Studios, 29? 
October 1968, by the Experience.
'Stratoblaster' is an edited version of Peace In Mississippi (5:53), which 
appears in complete form elsewhere on this disc.  From T.T.G. Inc. 
Sunset-Highland Recording Studios, 24 October 1968, by the Experience.
'Midnight Sun' is an instrumental that is not the Experience's 'Midnight,' 
Love's 'Midnight Sun,' or Rainbow Bridge's 'Midnight.'  Instead, it's Nervous 
Breakdown (4:06), which is found on the vinyl 'Mannish Boy' or CD '51st 
Anniversary.'  The Experience at T.T.G. Studios, October 1968.
The cleverly titled 'Mars Is My Hometown' is really a slightly longer version of
M.L.K./Cherokee Mist (6:53) than appears on either '51st Anniversary,' 'Eyes And
Imagination,' or 'Paper Airplanes.'  The Band Of Gypsys at the Record Plant, 
December 1969.
'Soul Power' is the edit of the Ezy Ryder Jam (10:30) that appeared on 'Electric
Gypsy's' and many others.  The Band Of Gypsys, probably from Baggies, 18 
December 1969.
'Java Jam' is the name given to the complete version of Peace In Mississippi 
(7:40) which was recently found on 'The Completer' and 'Paper Airplanes.'  From 
T.T.G. Inc. Sunset-Highland Recording Studios, 24 October 1968, by the 
'Drummer Boy' is (surprise!) The Little Drummer Boy (2:49), recorded by the Band
Of Gypsys.  This version, with backing vocals added at a later date, has shown 
up in many places including 'Cherokee Mist' and 'Every Way To Paradise.'  
Probably recorded at Baggies, 18 December 1969.
'Heavy Weather' is an edit right from the middle of Calling All Devil's Children
(3:35), and of lesser sound quality than other selections in this set.  From 
T.T.G. Inc. Sunset-Highland Recording Studios, 21 October 1968, by the 
Wild Thing (3:58) is edited from the 8:28 original version by the Experience, 
live at the Paris L'Olympia Theatre, 9 October 1967.  The complete version, in 
better sound quality, is on 'Wild Man Of Pop Vol. 2' and 'Paris 66/67.'
Freedom (3:22) is reprocessed from 'Cry Of Love,' with applause added at the 
beginning and end to create a fake live version.  The liner notes claim that 
this was "recorded live in England, August 1970."  A new low for bootleggers 
that even makes some of Alan Douglas' antics look respectable.  From Electric 
Lady Studios, 25 June 1970.
Stone Free (4:18), Hey Joe (5:02), and I Don't Live Today (5:45) are listed as 
being "live from Z<9F>rich, May 1968."  The song timings do not correspond to those
from the "Beat Monster Concert," Hallenstadion, Z<9F>rich, Switzerland, 30 May 1968
(see JP 24, pg. 14-18), nor does the audience behavior.  In actuality, these are
doctored songs, taken from the 2nd show at Berkeley, 30 May 1970, with 
additional audience noises added.  Truly pathetic.  See 'Riots In Berkeley' for 
a good recording of these and other songs from the 2nd Berkeley show.
Overall, 'Redskin Jammin'' represents the bottom of the barrel for bootlegs, 
combining misleading song titles, "doctored" live songs, harshly edited songs, 
incorrect liner notes, and a few interesting items.  In addition, the sound 
quality is all over the map.  Appropriately, I obtained my copy of 'Redskin 
Jammin' on 1 April, "April Fool's Day."  Ugh.

The Roman Coliseum
Starquake (SQ-11)
This is an audience boot of the 5/18/69 Madison Square Garden show.
Here are my thoughts so far: I can tell they have at least one 
tape source or something because there's some weird stuff on this CD.  
Here's a set list, first of all:
        Lover Man 
        Come On
        Red House
        Spanish Castle Magic
        Hear My Train A Comin'
        I Don't Live Today
        Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
        Purple Haze
        The disc clocks in at around 65 minutes and I think this is the 
complete setlist, though not all the songs are totally complete.  The 
sound quality is somewhere between 2-3 stars out of 5 - the guitar is 
fairly clear, the drums are usually somewhere above the guitar and the 
vocals are barely there in some spots and right in the front in other 
places.  As far as bass goes, you can't really hear it much at all.  The 
crowd is prominent between songs but they quiet down during the songs.
The packaging is quite good on this one: the disc is red 
lettering with the typical Starquake stuff on it.  The front cover shows 
a picture of Jimi with his hair really short wearing a blue bandada-thing 
and playing the Black Beauty.  He's also wearing pink pants and a long, 
purplish flowing robe/shirt thing.  The title of the disc appears in 
"Bellbottom" font in the top front left with "Jimi Hendrix Experience" 
written sideways down the right side.  The back shows a wild photo of 
Jimi's head while he's playing with stars and stuff superimposed over 
romanhim.  This is "SQ-11", Starquake's 11th index number...
The best part is the inside: there is a blank booklet, of course, 
but the other side facing the CD has something called "I excaped from the 
Roman Coliseum..." (sic).  This was written by Jimi the same day of this 
concert, May 18th, 1969.  Here's what it says, and in the book it's just 
a photocopy of what he wrote, but it looks great:
        As I reached the cave by way of flying night bird
        I layed down my gun...
        to relax...I decided to play
        with time (crossed-out) my old friend, time.
        Then all of a sudden
        Jesus took on through the
                mirror just ahead of me
        I said what brings you here, today?
        He said...I heard my name
        mentioned as I was passing along
        the way...And I figured this
        was a good time...to say something (crossed-out)
        what I forgot the last time - you know, what I meant to say
        that's when I realized he was as spaced out as me.
        Something about women being
        the whole 1/2 of today
        And not being treated the way
        they should.  "Well it's understood....."
        I said as I passed to (crossed-out) Him
        another glass of vintage AD 02 wine.
        I said this is 69 what a year
        for the snow to fly..And if that's your
There it cuts off.  Quite cool, thought I'm sure it's been 
reprinted elsewhere before, probably in Cherokee Mist or something.  It's 
really neat, I think.  
So the disc itself: Jimi was playing pretty well this night but 
he seems angry - he keeps yelling at the people taking flash pictures to 
knock it off or else he won't play anymore.  He seems to concentrate on 
playing well and not showing off so much, maybe he was trying to make a 
point here.  
To sum up - this is a great concert with one or two great rare 
live songs and I think if you can bear with the recording quality, go for 
it.  Good luck finding this one, though.