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Magic Hand

Tracks: 16
Time: 74:02
 1 Purple Haze           2:42
 2 Lover Man             3:13
 3 Message To Love       7:14
 4 Crash Landing         4:25
 5 Red House             4:17
 6 Izabella              5:10
 7 Angel                 3:22
 8 Angel                 4:12
 9 Trying To Be          7:22
10 Fire                  2:35
11 The Wind Cries Mary   3:31
12 Machine Gun           3:53
13 Double Guitars        3:24
14 Foxy Lady             3:17
15 Little Wing           3:30
16 Astro Man Jam        11:23
1) Tracks 1-13, 16 are a potpourri of tryouts, demos, & outtakes.
2) Track 7 is a demo solo.
3) Track 14 is from Vitus, Bussum, HO (supposedly).
4) Track 15 is from L'Olympia, Paris (supposedly).
All tracks previously unreleased on MUM bootlegs.

Message of Love
Triangle PYCD 043

 7/70 Randall's Island show

While the performance isn't always inspired,
the sound quality is almost commercial-release quality! As far as the music
goes, the band definitely ain't together on this gig, and almost falls
apart in a couple of spots (in Fire, either Jimi flubs the lyrics or Mitch
misses the beat, which is unusual for Mitch). To make matters worse, radio
annoucements start coming through the PA system right after Stone Free! In
spite of all the technical problems (and the dipshit announcer at the end
of the show), this is a fine CD.
This is also the show where the audience gets ugly as Jimi begins Voodoo
Child. He dedicates the song to Devon, Collette and *Alan Douglas*, and
when the crowd starts booing, Jimi says "Fuck off, these are my friends".

  1.Stone Free
  2. Fire
  3. Message of Love
  4. Lover Man
  5. Foxy Lady
  6. Ezy Rider
  7. The Star Spangled Banner
  8. Purple Haze
  9. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
 10. Outro and stage announcements. 
QUALITY: A very good sounelboard. 
RECORDED: July 17th, 1970 at the New Pop Festival on Randalls island. 
COMMENTS: This is one of the most underrated shows Jimi every played. It was 
near the end and the stress Jimi was feeling showed but as I've stated 
before; His worst playing is other guitarist's best. It is one of the 
first shows I every got on a reel to reel tape, so I played it 
over and over again and despite the TV or radio leaking in thru the amps 
I love the show. Again, as is often the case, this CD is missing songs 
in this case Red House and All Along The Watchtower. Clocking in at 44:46 
this disk would have held the entire show easily. Live USA (Imtrat 
900 036) duplicates the Randall's Island tracks and includes two tracks 
from 04/26/69, the two disc set with the same name release number 
Imtrat 902 001 contains that disc and a second with one cut from 
03/15/68, four more from 04/26/69, one from 05/30/70, one from 
02/24/69, and two from 03/17/68.


Midnight Lightning
Oil Well

Nine to the Universe
Jimi/Jimmy Jam
Young/Hendrix Jam
Easy Blues
Drone Blues
Midnight Lightning Jam
Highway of Broken Dreams
Lonely Avenue Jam
Lover Man
Trying to Be

I take it that some of these titles might be different than what other
discs mention.

Some of these are on the offical release Nine to the Universe

Mixdown Master Tapes CD 1

1) STP With LSD  (4:35)
        - Alternate mix with extended ending, same as on "get the
experience" cd but better sound           quality.

2) Can you please crawl out your window  (2:35)
        - Excellent soundboard from winterland Feb 68
        - Sound check I believe for this one, first time on cd too.

3) Calling all Devils Children (6:02)
        - Oct 68,Excellent soundboard with alternate voice over mix.
        - Musically slightly different from previous version, first time on
cd too.

4) Electric Church (9:04)
        - Oct 68 with Lee Michaels on keyboards.
        - Excellent soundboard with complete introduction included, first
time on cd too. (Colin's note: I think this might be "Electric Church Red

5) Star Spangled Banner  (4:11)
         - March 69,Different version
         - Excellent soundboard, first time on cd too.

6) Machine Gun  (12:39)
         - Aug 69 with Gypsy sun and rainbow
         - Great new version with excellent soundboard, first time on cd too.
         - Not same version at all to Machine Gun on First rays of new risin
sun Cd (2 cd Triangle)

7) Freedom Jam (8:04)
         - Aug 69 with Gypsy Sun and rainbow
         - Same session as above, first time on cd, excellent soundboard.

8) Message from nine to the universe  (19:04)
         - May 69 with billy and buddy, same as album.
         - Complete version and way better quality sound compared with any
previous release.

Mixdown Master tapes CD 2

1) Jazz Jimi Jam (14:00)
         - Same as previous releases but way better sound quality as
compared with 51st Aniversary box                                   set.

2) Cat talking to Me (2:46)
         - Same as previous releases (ex. Message from nine to the universe
CD) but excellent sound                                   quality.

3) Rainy Day (1:50)

4) Rainy Day Dream Away (11:03)
         - these two cuts are on 1968 AD CD but excellent sound quality.
         - #4 song is actually two songs spliced together as on 1968 AD.

5) Moon turn the tides  (4:43)
         - I believe this one is the same version as on lifelines (have to
check), excellent quality

6) Heaven has no tomorrow  (8:32)
         - Previously released on Diamond in the Dust CD, excellent quality.
         - Jimi and billy rehearsal

7) Valleys of Neptune (2:55)
         - Previously released on First rays of the new rising sun (triangle
         - Excellent quality
         - Jimi and billy rehearsal

8) Valleys of Neptune (5:52)
         - Previously released on midnight beats Record plant Jams
         - Excellent quality surpassing above and longer
         - Sept 69 with gypsy suns and rainbow

9) Three little bears (12:20)
         - Same version as on Unsurpassed masters cd on yellow dog.
         - excellent sound quality.

10) Bleeding heart (0:34)
         - March 70, guitar solo with studio talk
         - excellent sound quality, first time outing on cd.

11) Bleeding heart (3:22)
         - March 70, dual guitars and no other instruments.
         - Previously released on unsurpassed masters cd on yellow dog.
         - excellent sound quality.

12) Cherokee Mist (7:01)
         - Same as usual from may 68.
         - I like the sound quality on unsurpassed masters cd (yellow dog)
         - Only song thats not  as good sound quality as above cd version,
its the usual sound quality
            you hear on previous boots.

Mixdown masters   CD 3

1) Mushy Name aka Ezy Ryder  (3:58)
         - Previosly booted on Multicolored Blues CD.
         - Apr 69 version with the experience, excellent sound quality.

2) Lord I sing the Blues for you and me  (10:44)
         - Previously Booted, excellent sound quality
         - May be slightly longer ?

3) Keep on Grooving aka lower alcatrazz (4:11)
         - Previously booted on First rays of new rising sun (triangle 2cd)
         - Excellent sound quality.
         - May 70

4) Country Blues (10:50)
         - Jan 70 complete version with harmonica including astroman and hey
baby instrumental.
         - Booted before but sound quality is excellent.

5) Villanova Junction Blues (4:11)
         - Same as on 500,000 halos
         - Excellent sound quality.

6) Hey gypsy boy (3:18)
         - Same as on 51st Aniversary but better sound quality.

7) Three little bears (12:50)
         - Same version as on Ball and chain, vocals mixed up.
         - Excellent sound quality

8) MLK Jam  (19:59)
         - Complete jam and excellent sound quality.
         - first time outing on cd besides bad sound quality version on Hear
my Freedom CD (Kobra)

Insect IST 48

Length: 55:02

Crash Landing
Izabella/Midnight Lightning
Machine Gun
Further On Up The Road
Astro Man (Instrumental Jam)
Country Blues
Load I Sing the Blues 
 (For You and Me)
Message to Love
Stone Free
Instrumental Jam

QUALITY: Very good to 
Excellent studio takes.
COMMENTS: A re-hash/re-release of Gypsy, Suns, Moons and 
Rainbows, via Midnight Shines Down.  

More Electricity From Newport
Luna LU 9201

  1.Stone Free-Drum Solo 
  2.Are Your Experienced-Stone Free 
  3.Sunshine of Your Love 
  5.Hear My Train A'Comin' 
  6.Red House 
  7.Foxy Lady 
  8.Like A Rolling Stone 
  9.Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)-Drum Solo 
  10.Purple Haze
  12.Hear My Train A'Comin' 
01-10: A good soundboard,
11-12: A good TV live feed.
01-10: June 20th, 1969 at The Newport Pop Festival
11-12: July 1969 on the Dick Cavett show.
COMMENTS: A good show but one that Jimi stated he was unhappy with. The 
singing in particular is lackluster, one high point is the SF/AYE/SF 
medley that has excellent work and recovery by the entire band. Wizards 
Visions(World Productions Of Compact Music WPOCM 0789 D 026-2) contains 
just the Newport tracks and is the original release. 
A must have disk.