If you have anything to share or correct, please email me. Thanks.

Victor Entertainment VICP 5490

Total time: 65:54

Little Wing                                             3:19
Voodoo Chile                                            7:17
Room Full of Mirrors                                    2:54
Fire                                                    3:44
Purple Haze                                             3:04             
Wild Thing                                              1:19
Bleeding Heart                                          5:29
Sunshine of Your Love                                   6:48
Room Full of Mirrors (extended)                         8:15
Bleeding Heart (extended)                               8:36
Smashing of the Amps                                    6:23
C# Blues (People, People, People)                       8:33

note: both Bleeding Hearts and C# Blues are different length versions of the
same track, giving you three length versions of this song on one CD (!)

The packaging is very nice - dominated by earth toned photos from RAH - but
best of all the material has been digitally remastered, and the full length
versions of Room Full of Mirrors and Bleeding Heart appear. The sound
quality is much better (IMHO) than on the tons of previous versions of this

Legacy 2LP

        Side A -
        Purple Haze
        The Wind Cries Mary
        Hey Joe
        The Stars that Play with Laughing Sam's Dice
        Highway Chile
        Stone Free
        Side B -
        Foxy Lady
        Can You See Me
        Manic Depression
        Red House
        Love or Confusion
        Side C -
        Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)?
        Crosstown Traffic
        Still Raining, Still Dreaming
        All Along the Watchtower
        Gypsy Eyes
        Burning of the Midnight Lamp
        Side D -
        Spanish Castle Magic
        Wait Until Tomorrow
        Power of Soul (live)
        Message to Love (live)
        (Them) Changes (live) - Buddy Miles wrote this song, actually.
        Here's how the alternate mixes break down; it is important to note
that these different mixes appear ONLY on Legacy, making it a really
interesting record to me.
        Purple Haze - Alternate stereo mix of the original stereo mix.
Difference - vocals are central and there is echo added.
        Wind Cries Mary - "This is the original mono mix."  Originally
found on the Track mono releases....
        Hey Joe - Alternate stereo mix of the original stereo mix with
double-tracked vocals.
        STP w/LSD - Mono version, as I call it the "vocal-heavy" version.
I call it that because the one on _Loose Ends_ has the lead guitar right
up front, here it's been buried behind the Milky Way Express and Jimi's
own voice.
        Highway Chile - Only one take/release is listed.  Mono.  Same here
as on _War Heroes_ and every other release.
        Stone Free - Original mono version, not the stereo mix found
on _AYE?_.  Originally found on _Smash Hits_, the European version I
        Foxy Lady - Mono mix, same as the original Track _AYE?_.
Different from the stereo mix found on the CDs of _AYE?_ and any stereo
vinyl _AYE?_.
        Can You See Me? - Alternate stereo mix yet again, this time reverb
has been added to one vocal channel.  Another song that is only marginally
different from the MCA release on CD.
        Fire - Original mono version.  Originally found on mono _AYE?_
releases only.
        Manic Depression - Original mono track, same as Fire and Foxy
        Red House - Probably the original December '66 take.  Not sure,
though it fits with the rest of this release.
        Love or Confusion - Original mono version.
        Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)? - Same as the official
release on ELL.
        Crosstown Traffic - Same again as the original on ELL.
        Still Raining, Still Dreaming - Same as on ELL also, I think.
        All Along the Watchtower - Alternate mix of the one you know and
love, with reverb added on one channel.
        Gypsy Eyes - Same as official release.
        Burning of the Midnight Lamp - Same as official release.
        Spanish Castle Magic - The chronological sequence is broken here,
this song predates the ELL material since it's from A:BAL.  Same as
official album, not mono.
        Wait Until Tomorrow - Same as official release.
        Power of Soul - Same as from the BOG album, taken from 1/1/70, 2nd
        Message of Love - Again, same as BOG.  Taken from 1/1/70, 2nd show
        (Them) Changes - Listed on the album as "Changes," though they do
credit Buddy Miles with the writing.  This is the same, edited version of
the BOG song, also from 1/1/70, 2nd show.

The Legendary Starclub Tapes
Early Years (02-CD-3309)
This is a good release of The Jimi Hendrix Experience at the Starclub in
Hamburg, Germany. First broadcasted through the radio, the set consisted of
an interview and five tunes which sound remarkably identical to the album
recordings. Also included on the CD are four songs from the Konserthuset,
Stockholm on January 9, 1969 (2nd show).
1. Interview with Jimi and Noel
2. Foxy Lady
3. Hey Joe
4. Stone Free
5. Fire
6. Purple Haze
7. I Don't Live Today
8. Spanish Castle Magic
9. Voodoo Child
10. Sunshine of Your Love
Rating: A One great show and part of another recorded with great sound
quality give this release a top vote. For the rest of the Konserthuset
concert pick up a copy of ON THE KILLING FLOOR.
Let's Drop Some Ludes and Vomit with Jimi

Record Plant jams, and some damn good ones, too! In fact, it's 
subtitled "Record Plant Jams Vol.2" (although Strato Strut was recorded 
at Electric Lady).

1. Drivin South/Everything's Gonna Be Alright (23:54)
The jam with John McLaughlin (you can barely hear him) -- as in any jam,
parts are absolutely ferocious, and other parts bog down with uninspired
noodling, but the sound quality is great. Sounds almost as if it was
recorded outdoors!

2. Drone Blues (5:55)
Despite the track listing, this is actually a tryout version of Night Bird
Flying, without vocals. Sound quality is good here, too, and there are some
smokin' guitar solos.

3. Easy Blues (7:52)
A more complete version of the track that was on Nine to the Universe.
Larry Lee plays on this one (as well as Jimi of course) -- a cool, loping

4. Strato Strut (8:51)
Not Strato Strut at all, but Drone Blues, I believe. An uptempo instrumental.

5. I'm A Man (instrumental) (6:25)
Part of a jam with Buddy Miles (no bass player at all), in which parts
sound like Calling All Devil's Children.

6. I'm A Man (with vocals) (15:20)
An early tryout/jam of Stepping Stone.

7. Instrumental Jam (9:00)
Listed as "Embryonic version of Tomorrow Never Knows", this is a long
meandering jam -- there are two guitars here but I'm not sure who the
second guitarist might be.

IN SUMMARY: I like this CD a lot, mainly because the sound quality is
outstanding compared to a lot of other recent boots, and there is plenty of
superb playing. Some of the jams DO go on for quite a while: Gary Moore
once described this type of music as "Bog Rock", e.g. No definite path but
it smells great!".

Live & Unreleased (3-disc)

The quality of the release is great! However, it is annoying for those who
are buying this release for the music only... Instead, you get a 'real'
Radio Show with TONS of voice-over dialogue throughout the release. The
majority of the songs are cut short or are faded in spots as the voice of
the host "DAMIEN" tries to inform you something regarding Jimi.  

because you want something to go with some of the music then you probably
will like it... I 'personally' quite enjoy this release (and its North
American counterpart 'LIFELINES') as it is something DIFFERENT than the
traditional releases we are all used too.

This is the European equivalent of "Lifelines" - but without the LA.Forum
CD. The two albums are almost identical, but there are a few (very) minor
differences: Some tracks are a little shorter, some are a little longer,
some are removed and some are added on the "Lifelines"-version, that was
released about a year after "Live & Unreleased".

LIFELINES (Reprise 9 26435-2 (c) 1990 )is the North American counterpart of
the European release of LIVE AND UNRELEASED THE RADIO SHOW (Castle
Communications HBLP 100 (c) 1989 )

** NOTE : Castle Communication Releases prior to 1992 were 
          generally printed in the UK and NOT France as 
          they have been since that time.  JHEG lists L&U-TRS
          as being pressed in FRANCE, whereas the cover of this
          5-LP box set clearly stated ENGLAND.

          Bonus in the LP Box set was a four-fold poster of the
          photo on the cover of the box... REAL COOL!!!


- I DON'T LIVE TODAY (snippet) is a shorted snippet than before
- added 51st ANNIVERSARY
- removed RED HOUSE (snippet)
- added complete RED HOUSE version
- removed THIRD STONE FROM THE SUN (snippet)
- added ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? (snippet)
- removed WILD THING
- added WILD THING (snippet)
- added ROCK ME, BABY
- added LITTLE WING (snippet)
- removed INTERVIEW (snippet) - Meatmall Fulton
- extended THE THINGS I USED TO DO (snippet)
- added ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER (snippet)
- added LIKE A ROLLING STONE (snippet)
- added DRIFTER'S ESCAPE (snippet)
- removed ANGEL (mono)
- added ANGEL (stereo)
- extended RAINY DAY SHUFFLE (snippet)
- added THE FORUM, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (26 APRIL 1969) concert

There are serious redeeming qualities about it, though - the
alternate mix of "Drifter's Escape" is not easily found elsewhere, this
one is different from even the Loose Ends mix!!  Also, alternate takes of
other cool songs like "Come On (Part 1)" and "Voodoo Chile"...

Perhaps $40us for the CD version... The LP version guides at over $100
(especially if it still includes the original poster that came with the
set). This is long out of print and rumours have it that less than 5,000 LP
copies were produced (I'm NOT personally sure of this, but I've heard
stories along that line).

LIVE & UNRELEASED - THE RADIO SHOW was release on vinyl,CD and cassette
LIFELINES was released on CD and cassette

Live At George's Club
The Authentic PPX Studio Recordings Vol. 4
CBH Records & SPV 
Schallplatten SPV08544692 [German CD] 

Jimi live with Curtis Knight

Drivin' South, Ain't That Peculiar, I'll Be Doggone, Sweet Little Angel, Bright Lights Big City, Get Out Of My Life Woman, Last Night (Instrumental), Sugar Pie Honey Bunch, What'd I Say, Shotgun/Outro Theme.

The Live At George's Club disc contains the first release of Shotgun/Outro Theme

Live at Randall's Island aka Message of Love
Moon Tree (PH 1692)
This LP contains the July 17th, 1970 concert at Randall's Island. 
This is a good album, not particularly
for the music, but moreso for the comedic value.  Jimi almost completely
blows the song "fire", and you can hear almost completely a news
broadcast coming through his amp.  Also its kind of funny hearing jimi
swear at the audience.  The sound quality is mediocre, and the playing is 
1. Ezy Rider
2. Star Spangled Banner
3. Purple Haze
4. Voodoo Child
5. Stone Free
6. Fire
7. Message to Love
8. Lover Man
9. Foxy Lady
Rating: B- Unless you're looking for a good laugh.
Whoopy Cat WK-0021/22
73:35 & 71:07

Disc One

Spanish Castle Magic
Foxy Lady
Lover Man
Getting My Heart Back Together
Message To Love
Ezy Ryder
Machine Gun
Roomful of Mirrors
Hey Baby (L of the NRS)
Instrumental Solo
Star Spangled Banner
Purple Haze

Disc Two

Voodoo Chile (slight return)
Midnight Lightning
January 28th, 1970 MSG NYC,NY
Who Knows
Earth Blues
September 2nd, 1970 Denmark
Message to Love
Hey Baby (instrumental)
Drum Solo
June 13th, 1970 Baltimore MD.
Straight Ahead
Red House

QUALITY: An excellent audience tape from L.A. Fair/Good for the other 3 shows.
COMMENTS: A must have CD, I may be  prejudice, O.K. I am, 
because I had some influence in getting this released and 
what is on it really is superior to the other 
releases.  It uses what is referred to as the "close" 
tape for its source not the "far" tape that was used for 
the original vinyl release. The far tape at the beginning 
contains a women saying "Ooh look how sexy he is!" Or 
something like that, I have listed the tracks as they are 
on the CD, and it is correct for the performance, not as 
the songs are listed on the back of the jewel case.

Live in Berlin 1970 CD-R  Major Tom MT 034
Total Disc Time - 65:29  14 tracks - all indexed separately

1) Interview 9:42
2) Straight Ahead 5:37
3) Spanish Castle Magic 4:14
4) Sunshine of Your Love 3:42
5) Hey Baby 4:04
6) Message To Love 4:07
7) Machine Gun 8:38
8) Purple Haze 3:10
9) Red House 6:59
10) Foxy Lady 3:06
11) Ezy Rider 4:13
12) Hey Joe 4:34
13) Power of Soul 2:10
14) Lover Man 0:59

    #1 Interview with Jimi, Berlin, West Germany, September 4, 1970;
#2-#14 Recorded live, "Superconcert '70", Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, W. 
Germany, September 4, 1970.

  A CD-R release on the Major Tom label! Another in a nice series of 
Deluxe CD-R releases. Another fancy color insert and a nice label on the 
disc itself once again. Major Tom puts out very nice homemade releases.

  The slip cover found in the front of the jewel case is of the fold open
variety. The cover is a photo of Jimi, right profile. I have seen it 
before, I believe on the original Polydor Isle of Wight release. The 
photo is from the show. On the top left is "Jimi Hendrix" in white font 
and the title of the disc is across the bottom right of the cover, in 
black font. The font is of the handwritten look. 

  On the reverse slip cover is the same photo as the cover, with the song 
titles beginning at the top and running down the left side, left 
justified, in small white font. At the very bottom left is the label and 
disc number, barely legible.

  Open the slip cover and we see on the left page "Jimi Hendrix", 
followed by the title of the CD and then the the song titles. At the 
bottom is "Major Tom MT 034". On the right hand side it lists the MT 
releases from MT 031 to MT 045. There are no new Jimi titles that haven't 
been discussed here previously.

  The back of the jewel box has the cover photo again, although this time 
it is stretched a bit horizontally so it looks a bit weird. The same 
text found on the cover of the CD is present, as well as the label and 
disc number and "Made in Taiwan" in the bottom right corner in black font.

  No times are indicated anywhere on this release. The times given above 
are from my CD player. The times include any and all between song banter 
and tune-ups. These are the times where the makers of the disc placed the 
breaks. All tracks are indexed separately.

  The disc itself has a nice reproduction of the cover photo and is a
gold/brass in color. It has "Jimi Hendrix" on the left with the label
name and disc number underneath. The title of the disc is in a semi
circle at the bottom. 

  The interview with Jimi discusses festivals, Woodstock and Jimi's 
favorite artists, (Sly and Richie Havens) as well as other things, 
including Mongo Jerry. It was recorded in Berlin on the same night as the 
show. The interviewer recalls that night with personal comments and parts 
of the interview are interspersed throughout. Interesting to note that 
the interviewer mentions that this interview was filmed.  A nice little 
bonus that Major Tom throws in! 

  This show was recorded at the "Superconcert '70", Deutschlandhalle, 
Berlin, W. Germany, September 4, 1970. A copy of the audience tape that 
is in circulation. And it is a pretty good one at that. To my ears, it 
sounds better than the other two releases of this concert that I have on 
CD. I checked Jon's live sets list and he has it rated as Very Good. The 
interviewer said that Jimi was tired and gave a less than enthusiastic 
performance. Although there isn't much talk from Jimi between numbers, 
the performance sounds just fine. Nice version of Straight Ahead, Hey 
Baby and Ezy Rider I think!

  One of the better Major Tom releases and nice to see they included the 
whole concert!! Good job!

Live in Munster 1969 CD-R  Major Tom MT 031
Total Disc Time - 68:05  11 tracks - all indexed separately.

1) Red House 14:30
2) Fire 3:29
3) Foxy Lady 4:28
4) All Along the Watchtower 4:21
5) Hey Joe 5:00
6) Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 9:07
7) Purple Haze 5:23
8) Foxy Lady 2:55
9) Little Wing 5:15
10) Red House 10:31
11) Fire 2:58

  #1-#7 Recorded live at the Halle Munsterland, Munster, W. Germany, 
January 14, 1969;
 #8-#11 Recorded live at Spokane Coliseum, Spokane, Washington, September 
8, 1968.

  This release is another CD-R put out by Major Tom, a homemade bootleg 
company! In fact, it is what is now known as a Deluxe CD-R. Fancy color 
inserts and nice label on the disc itself. Very slick for a homemade 

  The slip cover found in the front of the jewel case is of the fold open 
variety. The cover is basically a shot of Mitch at the drumkit, taken 
from stage right. At the bottom is the title of the disc in green font. 
On the reverse is another half of the same photo which shows Jimi on the 
guitar. It's all one photo, just that the fold puts Jimi on the back of 
the fold open cover. The other half of the backside is a vivid red-pink 
and has the title of the disc at the top, then "Munsterlandhalle 
1.14.69", then the song titles. There is a break in the text and then we 
see "Spokane Coliseum 9.8.68" with song titles following. No times are 
indicated here, or anywhere else on this release. So the times given 
above are from my CD player. And don't freak out over the "lengthy" 
Little Wing from Spokane. When I say the times are from the CD player, I 
mean exactly that. There is all the between song banter which tends to 
inflate the times. Another reason why you really can't rely on track 
times to tell where a song is from.

  Open the slip cover and we see on the left the title of the CD, the 
venue, song, venue, song layout again which can be found on the reverse 
of the front slip cover. At the bottom is "Major Tom MT 031". On the 
right hand side it lists the MT releases from MT 031 to MT 045. My 
previous message dealt with what Hendrix titles are available this go round.

  The back of the jewel box is the complete photo from the front cover 
with the title in large font across the top and the songs and venues 
center justified down the middle. 

  The disc itself has a nice reproduction of the cover photo. 
Interestingly, it also says "Made in Taiwan". To me, it looks like these 
labels, which cover the Major Tom discs, have been printed on a color 
inkjet printer. Very sharp looking though I must admit. Hats off to Major 
Tom!! They do a fine job packaging wise in my estimation. Track times 
would be nice, but hey, I ain't bitching!!
 Tracks 1-7 are from the Halle Munsterland, Munster, Germany, January 14, 
1969. Like the other two CD-Rs I have reviewed in this digest, it is a 
copy of the audience tape that is in circulation. So the sound quality is 
not exactly top-notch. Of note, of course, is a live version of 
Watchtower as played by the Experience. Is this the only live version of 
Watchtower featuring Mitch and Noel? Foxy Lady is missing the feedback 
intro. Also the audience tapers, I would guess, decide to provide harmony 
vocals during Hey Joe for about 20 seconds. Too much!! I don't have a 
tape of this show, but I assume these "oddities" are found on the source 

 Tracks 8-11 are from Spokane Coliseum, Spokane, Washington, September 8, 
1968. Again, I would assume this to be a copy of the circulating tape 
from this venue. Upon checking Jon Price's wonderful setlists, I believe 
this is indeed the case. Nothing too eventful here except Foxy Lady is 
missing the first portion of the song. I assume the source tape in 
circulation is similar?

  I am not one for reviewing audience tapes as one might find it totally 
putrid, while another may love it. As for performance quality, don't even 
ask me. I am way biased as I enjoy all of Jimi's music. To me, he is 
sounding good at both shows!!
  If you aren't a fan of audience recordings or are a tape trader, you 
won't like/want/need this CD. If you are a CD freak like me, don't have 
the tapes from these venues or follow Craig Houck's philosophy (Buy 
everything!) then get this disc.

 All I can really say to sum it up is, this disc, like the others, is 
nothing but a CD copy of the circulating tapes. You can probably get tape 
copies of these shows in tape trades, in a bit better quality, but it is
nice to have stuff on CD.

The Lost Experience
Bear In The Air JHCD203

From the liner notes...

 1. Spanish Castle Magic (instrumental) 2:35
 2. Little One (inst'l) 3:19
 3. Little One (inst'l) 3:22
 4. Wait Until Tomorrow (outtake) 2:42
 5. Jimi Jazz Jam 12:06
 6. Electric Ladyland (outtake) 4:31
 7. Driving South/Sgt. Pepper 5:27
 8. Experience Jam 1 4:18
 9. Experience Jam 2 3:19
10. 1983 (alt. vocal mix) 4:27
11. Rainy Day Shuffle 1:13

Lost In Sweden
Whoopy Cat 2CD

Excellent - four full concerts from 1967 and 1968 in Sweden.

What i like the most is the three verions of Catfish Blues that I didn't
have yet!!! There are only 12 verions out there, according to FTBFS, and
now I've got 10 of them...two to go!  *)
        For those that don't have LIS yet, I think it's pretty dang cool.
The older Whoopy Kat release entitled _Paris 66/67_ has some of the 1/8/68
show, but not all of it.  Same with EXP Over Sweden...finally, the whole
thing!  *)  Great double disc set from Whoopy Kat.  Thanks, Mr. Whoopy

It also contains an amazing live version of EXP complete with announcer and 
speeded up and slowed down voice effects!  It may be the most "theatrical" 
piece Jimi ever performed live and its great! Very funny!  He went from 
EXP right into Up From The Skies, which to my dismay, is marred by
what sounds to me like a problem in the tape recorder. 

Love and Peace
Midnight Beat (MB CD 015)
This disc documents Jimi's last ever performance with the band at the
ironically named Love And Peace Festival on the Isle Of Fehmarn in Germany.
The band took to the stage on 6 September, later than billed because of bad
weather, and were greeted with a chorus of boos from the impatient
Two amateur tapes of the show have survived (there is also a
soundboard tape but the quality is thought to be poor) and both are in
general circulation. The first tape, known as the 'Windy Tape' has a much
more transparent sound than it's companion, dubbed the 'Stage Tape' which
is thick with bass. Neither tape could really be described as outstanding
especially when compared to the remarkable quality of the Arhus or K.B
Hallen tapes. 
It is the 'Windy Tape' that has provided Midnight Beat with
their source for this cd. This tape was also used for the previous vinyl
bootleg outing of this show under the title of Wink Of An Eye, a single
album that gave an edited version of the performance. 
Love And Peace delivers the full concert, and one of the photographs used in
the packaging actually comes from this show!
Introduction/ Killin' Floor (3.50)
Spanish Castle Magic (4.34)
All Along The Watchtower (4.43)
Hey Joe (4.30)
Hey Baby (new rising sun) (5.59)
Message Of Love (4.56)
Foxy Lady (4.18)
Red House (9.52)
Ezy Rider (3.48)
Freedom (4.06)
Room Full Of Mirrors (5.03)
Purple Haze (2.47)
Voodoo Chile (slight return) (9.02)
The sound quality of the disc veers towards the bright side suggesting that
some sort of clean up has been applied to the tape and as a result it lacks
some of the warmth and bass to be found on a good copy of the audio.
However this does not particularly detract from the overall impact and
makes Love And Peace well worth picking up if you can live with an enhanced
version of what is not the best of audience recordings to begin with.
Recommended for the completist.
Lover Man
Oil Well

a reissue of "JH & Traffic - A Session"