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KOINE (c) 1989 V880802 (also available on Compact Disc K8802802)

Live at the Cafe Au Go-Go - N.Y.C. (March 17, 1968)

Side One :

 - Beginning of a Jam   6:24
 - Jimi Jam            14:47
 - Swing Jimi Jam       5:48
Side Two :
 - Monday Jam           7:39
 - Funky Jam            8:02
 - Jamming Wing         8:40

Its a pretty decent collection of songs, but the JAMMING WITH FRIENDS
collection appears NOT to be the complete thing...

Jewel Box
A collection of "rare" previously-released songs. The track 
listing is as follows, with original source in parentheses:
1. Love or Confusion (Radio One)           2:52
2. Spanish Castle Magic (Radio One)        3:06
3. Hear my Train A Comin' (Radio One)      4:31
4. Voodoo Child (Slight Return):outtake    3:34
5. Burning Desire (BoG Rehearsals)         9:25
6. Hootchie Kootchie Man (BoG Rehearsals)  5:56
7. Stop (Bog--incomplete)                  4:41
8. Johnny B. Goode (Berkeley)              4:10
9. Freedom (Isle of Wight)                 4:07
10. Midnight (War Heroes)                  5:27
11. Beginning (War Heroes)                 4:09
12. Rock 'N' Roll Band (Eire Apparent)     3:21
13. Pali Gap (Rainbow Bridge)              5:00
14. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun): RB          6:01
        The CD has very good sound quality. Alan Douglas did not mess up Pali 
Gap or any other songs on it. If you do not have some of the songs on 
here, it would be a good buy. 
Jimi Hendrix
Bellaphone, Germany 284-07-008


The track listing is

        1)Hey Le Roy    4:45
        2)Free Spirit   5:40
        3)House of the Rising Sun  5:32
        4)Something you got  4:51
        5)Let the god sing  11:17
        6)She's a fox   2:11

There are really no vocals and the guitar part doesn't even sound like Jimi.  
Also on the vocals, it sounds like a deep growling.  

Beware of these titles.  They appear on many albums of fakes.

Jimi Hendrix - A Musical Legacy 
All of the material has been released elsewhere, but sound quality is excellent.
I'm not so sure about the info in the right two columns.
CD #1
Goodbye Bessie Mae      2:25    Philadelphia 09/63      (Lonnie Youngblood)
Soul Food               3:31    "
My Diary                2:22    LA 01/64                (Rosa Lee Brooks)
Utee                    1:57    "
Testify                 3:13    NYC 03/64               (Isley Brothers)
Whole Lotta Shakin'     2:54    LA 07/65                (Little Richard, NO
Hound Dog               2:21    "                        Jimi involvement!)
I'm A Man               3:04    NYC 10/65               (Curtis Knight, live)
Strange Things          2:58    "                       (Curtis Knight)
How Would You Feel?     3:11    "
Free Spirit             5:36    Hackensack, NJ 01/66    (No Hendrix Involvement)
House Of The Rising Sun 5:30    "
Hey Joe                 3:07    London 10/23/66         (Out of the Studio)
Red House               11:00   London 12/13/66
I Don't Live Today      3:50    London 02/67
Purple Haze             2:42    "
Fire                    2:38    "
The Wind Cries Mary     3:32    "
Are You Experienced?    2:47    "                       (Symphony of Experience)
Purple Haze             2:20    "
CD #2
Room Full Of Mirrors    2:32    London 05/04/67         (Studio Haze)
Shame Shame Shame       1:50    "
Catfish Blues           5:30    Vitu 09/10/67           (Radio One)
She's So Fine           2:38    London 09/67            (Sotheby's alternate
Bold As Love            3:33    "                        takes/mixes)
EXP                     1:57
Up From The Skies       2:56
Little One              3:32    London 10/05/67         (Take One)
Love Or Confusion       2:49    London 02/13/67         (Radio One)
Gloria                  8:45    London 10/02/67         (The Singles Album)
Burning Of The M/L      3:56    Stockholm 09/05/67      (Stockholm, Stages)
Sgt. Pepper             1:40    "
Like A Rolling Stone    7:37    London 08/27/67         (Generation Club)
The Stars That Play...  3:58    NYC 07/18/67            (Instrumental)
Dream                   2:08    London 12/20/67         (Acetates)
Dance                   2:00    "
Electric Ladyland       1:31    London 10/25/67         (Loose Ends)
Ain't Too Proud T/B Jam 8:20    BBC, London 10/06/67    (BBC)
Getting My Heart BTA    4:31    BBC, London 12/15/67
Castles Made Of Sand    2:23    London 10/67            (???)
CD #3
All Along The Watch'r   3:51    London 01/21/68         (alternate mixes/takes)
1983...                 4:10    London 02/68
Somewhere               3:48    Sound Center, NYC 03/68
Morrison's.../ TNK      8:10    NYC 03/07/68            (Scene Club jam)
Wild Thing              6:51    Clark U 03/15/68        (Atwood Hall)
Angel                   3:23    NYC 04/68               (home demo)
Gypsy Eyes              4:22    "                       (alternate mix)
Cherokee Mist           7:10    "                       (No Hendrix Involvement)
God Save The Queen      5:07    summer '68
Three Little Bears      4:07    NYC 05/02/68            (alternate takes)
Voodoo Child            6:32    NYC 05/68
Traffic Jam             5:19    London 06/68            (with Traffic)
Dueling Guitars         3:25    NYC(?) summer '68       (Bleeding Heart)
Spanish Castle Magic    9:43    Winterland 10/11/68     (Winterland)
CD #4
interview               0:37    London 01/04/69 
Vodoo Child             4:27    BBC, London             (Lulu show)
Hey Joe / SOYL          4:00    "
Jimi/Jimmy Jam          15:51   NYC 03/25/69            (complete)
Ships Passing ITN       2:40    NYC 04/14/69            (Woodstock)
Message To Love         3:36    Shokan 08/69
Lord I Sing The Blues   4:16    "                       (very edited)
Little DB...            5:04    NYC 12/69               (BoG promo)
Earth Blues             5:18    Baggies, NYC 12/20/69   (BoG Rehearsals)
Gypsy Boy               3:14    NYC early '70
Alcatraz                4:13    "                       (aka Midnight Lightning)
Capt. C / Cher.Mist     6:15    "                       (Isle of Fehrman)
Bleeding Heart          3:13    "
Killing FLoor           3:52    Fehmarn 09/06/70
Voodoo Child            9:00    "
Note: Dates are American format.

Here are some impressions:
This CD blew me away. From the quality standpoint I 
think it is outstanding. More importantly the studio outtakes 
give you a real idea of how songs developed. 
- The Red House multiple DeLane Lea takes killed me dead. I can't 
believe that Chas would ruin the amazing guitar playing by adding 
so much echo and reverb to the final Smash Hits (US) version.  As 
"raw" as it is, it is killer. Better still when you remember that 
it is 30 years old !!
The "rough" mixes from Axis and AYE were very interesting in that 
you could actually pick out the guitar parts quite clearly. I 
LOVED the idea of guitar/vocals on the left side bass/drums on 
the right. It sounded just like I was in the studio !! No fancy 
- Hey Joe. vocals show Jimi really had trouble believing his 
singing was good. ("Turn down the voice and turn up the band".)
Really nice insight into one of his first singing efforts. You 
can begin to see his amazing ability to play bass/rhythm parts 
at the same time. He's all over the guitar. Complete control.
-Solo and emphasis on Wind Cries Mary(WCM) is "different" but I 
now understand why his earlier WCM live solos were also similarly 
"different" since they seemed to be patterned more like this cut.
-Watchtower. cut features much brighter 12 string rhythm 
accompanyment and brighter bass. Interesting.
-Somewhere. Where the hell did all the musicians go ? AD's 
version wipes the drums,bass. Sounds totally different even 
though its the same vocal track and guitar work by Jimi. OK so 
the bass/drums wasn't stellar in this version. I still enjoyed 
hearing how it "really" sounded.
The whole CD was a real "ear opener" and is a MUST for people who 
play. Listening to the backward guitar parts played foreward 
gives us an inkling as to the genius of this man. He was able to 
"hear" what these parts would sound like in reverse, in his head 
and then lay them down. Incredible. Just goes to show you how far 
ahead of his time he was and how he "heard" the world in a 
totally different way than you or I. I think I better understand 
his frustration when he said that he had so many sounds in his 
head that he just couldn't reproduce. It makes you wonder what he 
could have been doing in today's era of sampled audio.
You also finally get to hear Mitch sing.......for a mercifully 
short time on the song "Dance" which sounds like its taken of 
acetate. Amazing to hear how Jimi borrowed Noel's riff to make 
Eazy Rider, but you sure can hear it.
Noel's vocals on this version of "She's So Fine" are so bad, 
they're hilarious ! **She's so fiiine ...nyuh"**  ( That was 
for you Colin H.) ROTFL
ABOL. is a guitarist's wet dream. There it is: classic ABOL 
without a solo, just begging for you to play one. Put it on the 
CD player at full volume, crank up the Strat/Marshall and wail. I 
can't tell you how many times I've done that lately. The triplets 
at the end always give me cramps! I'm sure Jimi didn't use his 
pinky, like I have to.
Other stuff is from the Lulu show BBC shows, Shokan house and 
live concert cuts.
It ends (sadly) with two of Jimi's Isle of Fehmarn concert cuts. 
Why anyone would Boo Jimi is incomprehesible. His reaction is 
also interesting. ( "Just make sure you Boo in key, you 
J.H. - Live in New York - 17 March 1968
Black Panther
Italy 1989
tracks: 1) Beginning of a Jam 6,24
        2) Monday Jam 7,39               
        3) Swing Jimi Jam 14,47
        4)Funky Jam 8,02
        5)Jamming Wing 8,40
With Jimi are playing:  P. Butterfield (vocals & harmonica)
                        Elvin Bishop (guitar)
                        Marvey Brooks (bass)
                        Herbie Rich  (keyboards & sax)
                        Buddy Miles (drums)
This is the Cafe Au GoGo jam that has also appeared on the Koine cd,
and other bootlegs that I can't seem to remember right now.

Jimi Hendrix & Jack Bruce CD-R  Major Tom MT 045
Total Disc Time - 70:14  11 tracks - all indexed separately.

1) Jam 1 14:22
2) Jam 2 6:32
3) Everything is Going to be All Right 12:18
4) Sunshine of Your Love II 0:32
5) Bruce Bass Jam 1:30
6) Sunshine of Your Love II 0:43
7) Jam 3 19:04
8) Jam 4 5:20
9) Jam 5 1:23
10) Jam 6 2:10
11) Midnight 6:12

  #1-#10 Recorded at TTG Studios, October 16 or 17, 1968;
  With Jack Bruce - bass, Jim McCarty - guitar and Buddy Miles - drums

     #11 Recorded at Olympic Studios, April 1 or 4, 1969.

  Another CD-R released on the Major Tom label! Although this release is 
still much better looking than Lost Concerts CD-Rs, it is not as snazzy 
as the other Major Tom CDs that I own.

  The slip cover found in the front of the jewel case is of the fold open
variety. The cover is a two black and white photos which have been made 
to look like one photo. One is a picture of Jack Bruce, on the left, and 
the other is of course Jimi. In other words, it looks like it is one 
photo taken of Jimi and Jack together. I think not. There is a yellow 
border all around the photo. The title of the disc is at the bottom of 
the photo in the same yellow color as the border. Certainly nothing 
spectacular. On the reverse of the slip cover you have the title of the 
disc, followed by the songs and in the bottom right, "Major Tom MT 045". 
All the text is in black font and is center justified. You will note that 
Sunshine of Your Love II appears twice. I think that was just an error 
when it was typed. 

  No times are indicated here, or anywhere else on this release. The 
times given above are what my CD player is indicating.

  Open the slip cover and we see on the left the title of the CD, 
followed by, "Live at Record Plant Studio 1968", which is incorrect, then 
the song titles. At the bottom is "Major Tom MT 045". On the right hand side 
it lists the MT releases from MT 031 to MT 045. I posted what Jimi titles are 
available in a previous post.

  The back of the jewel box is the cover photo with the title in yellow 
font across the bottom. 

  The disc itself has a reproduction of the cover photo. The label is 
almost black and silver, but has that blue jean material look. It says 
"Major Tom MT 045" at the top, followed by "Made in Taiwan". The title of 
the disc wraps half way around the hole in the disc.

  While not as nice as the other Major Tom discs that I have, it is still 
better than Lost Concerts CD-Rs for packaging. 

  Now, onto the music and there needs to be a few things cleared up. 
First of all, Midnight is not part of the Jack Bruce jam. Its the same 
song that we have heard on countless releases, mostly legitimate. It is 
also known as Trashman and Lower Alcatraz. 

  As for the Jack Bruce jam itself, I have consulted Ben Franklin and 
have the following comments. Ben Franklin indicates that Jack Bruce Jam 
is subdivided as follows:

 (JS 6) Jam #1 (12 Bar Blues in D) 14:06
 (JS 7) Jam #2 in D 6:15
 (JS 8) Jam #3 13:16
 Sunshine of Your Love (2) 0:32
 (JS 9) Jam #4 in D 1:33
 Sunshine of Your Love (3) 0:42
 (JS 10) Jam #5 (12 Bar in E) 18:11
 (JS 11) Jam #6 in E 4:49
 (JS 12) Jam #7 in E 5:06
 (JS 13) Jam #8 (Shuffle Jam in Eb) 2:12

 Now when you compare the way Ben Franklin breaks the jam up compared to 
the way Major Tom does, you can see things don't exactly jibe. I trust 
Ben Franklin so I go with the way they have done it. 

 Further, I added up the total time of the Jack Bruce jam from the CD and 
it comes to 63:54. Adding up the times from Ben Franklin, I get a total 
time of 66:42. So there is a difference of almost three minutes. I 
listened to the disc and I think the missing part, if there is a missing 
part (times do vary from source to source but nearly three minutes worth I 
don't know), is Jam 5 (Jam #7 according to Ben). But its really hard to 
tell. It would be ok if the Major Tom people followed the way Ben lists 
the jam, but since it is different its tricky. I don't have the tape of 
this jam either so I can't compare. Let's just say if the jam isn't 
complete, it is real damn close.

 Copying a bit from Ben Franklin (don't sue me Steve!! ), thus the 
comments below are geared towards the way Ben Franklin breaks the jam up, 
not the Major Tom track listing, we are told that the beginning of Jam 1 
is missing which after a few stops develops into a bluesy 12 bar with 
Jimi providing a wah wah solo in the middle. Ben says that the engineer 
is setting up the levels so there is a bit of distortion and fluctuation. 
The boys then mess about half heartedly attempting Jam 2. The second 
guitar plays the main riff which turns up on Jam 8.

 More messing about follows and then an uptempo Jam 3 begins which is 
based on phrases from Everything's Gonna be Alright. Bass and drums close 
out this portion and then Sunshine of Your Love is introduced. Shortly 
thereafter the tape fades. Jam 4 fades in and is mainly bass 
improvisation with a bit of work from Jimi who then relaunches Sunshine 
of Your Love which lasts only 30 seconds.

 Jam 5 is a medium tempo 12 bar workout which doesn't really do much as 
the guitarists are doing some tuning up. Jam 6 begins with what Ben 
describes as a discordant version of the into to Purple Haze and then 
rambles on for 5 minutes. A three note phrase over enthusiastic drumming 
opens Jam 7 changing to a new theme from the bass strings which takes a 
bit of time to get going. Some fine playing by Jimi can be found here 
featuring a heavily distorted tone and octavia effect whilst playing 
heavy riffs and whammy bar. Jimi says at the end something like "Buddy 
let's do Spot on the Wall's vocals" which is followed by a break in the 
tape, resuming in the middle of Jam 8 which comes to an abrupt end.

 What this tells us is that there is more to this jam somewhere. Where, 
who knows. Its not mindblowing playing, but its one of those things man!! 
Its Jimi, what else can you say. Certainly not his greatest work or even 
best jamming, but a nice session to have I suppose.

 Not one of the better Major Tom releases but its the only place to find 
the Hendrix/Bruce jam on CD to my knowledge. That makes it essential for 
us CD freaks. If you aren't a CD freak or have the tape of this jam, you 
won't need this release.

Jimi Hendrix at his Best
Vol 1-3

The liner notes:

"It was Autumn 1964.  A creul wind, freezing and sullen, ripped the profuse
scum and garbage off Bleeker Street and sent it flying out of sight above the
houses.  Sharp pieces of grit lodged in my legs and spattered my eyes.  Even
soda cans went crashing down the street.  Behind me a howl went up.  My
friend and I turned round fast.  Behind us, someone had been hit in the face
by a flying soda can.
"Hey Jimi, are you alright?" said my friend Jake (former lead guitar with the
Jugs).  He knew everyone in the village.  "Sure you're okay?"
"Yeh, Yeh" said Jimi.  "Long as my guitar's cool, I'm cool."  "In New York
City, it's law of the jungle, fittest survive, you dig."
We laughed.  All the while I was staring hard at this strange figure.  It was
the first time I had seen him.  In those days, extreme poverty kept him on
the streets, sometimes even sleeping there a few hours in the early morning
in someone's back doorway.  He would carry his guitar on his shoulders
always.  His jacket was black and frayed.  His bowler hat was perched on his
huge mass of hair.
I was to see Jimi several times more that winter.  Usually he rushed past me
on his way, unseeing.  In those days, he was totally unknown in New York.
 Only he and a handful of others were aware of his incredible musical power.
 Back and forth among that handful Jimi would come and go, all day and night,
seeking, learning to refine and re-define, grasp his powers and master them,
develop and explore his talents upon the highest apex he could achieve.
And among the several places where he jammed running from one jam to the
next, he met those musicians who could contribute to his search.  One night
coming out of Stanley's Bar on Avenue B, I bumped into Jimi.
 "Come over to my pad and play some music," I said (Mike Ephron).  He (Jimi)
fell in with me silently.  He was always quiet, almost shy, so different from
the Jimi on stage.
I am a piano player unknown except among musicians, mostly those of the New
York avant-garde music scene, though I had always felt there could be a
meeting between this form and rock.
That night we played far into the dawn and it was the most astonishing
experience of my life.  Eagerly I awaited more.  Jimi came round many more
times that winter (1964), playing sounds that shattered all conventions and
traditions exploring areas with feedback and electronic effects that had
never before been touched.  This was pure Jimi, the pristine
musician,resplendent in his crystalline form, unsullied by fame and unstained
by fortune.
Sometimes I would turn on the burrowed Sony to get an idea of where the music
was leading to.  Everytime we played back we would laugh and shake our heads
in amazement and exhilaration.  Occasionally, too, a Conga drummer would sit
in with us, not always able to follow the intricacies of the rhythms I
patterned out with my chords and la la la's.  And so these recordings came

The Jimi Hendrix Story
Music Box---MB-CD-4010
Marketed thru Australia by Hughes Leisure Group

This is a 4 CD set---track list as follows:

I.      No Business
        Hush Now
        Voodoo Chile
        Voice In The Wind
        She's A Fox
        Hey Leroy
        Goodbye Bessie Mae
        Red House
        Free Spirit
        Something You Got

II.     Bring My Baby Back
        Down Mean Blues
        Good Times
        Hot Trigger
        Monday Morning Blues
        All I Want
        Good Feeling
        Homet's Nest
        Don't Accuse Me
        Simon Says
        Day Tripper
        Whoa Ech
        Welcome Home
        Strange Things
        Odd Ball

III.    Get That Feeling
        You Don't Want Me
        House Of The Rising Sun
        Let The God Sing
        Strange Things
        No! No!
        In The Morning
        Jimi's Blues
        People's People

IV.     Purple Haze
        She's So Fine
        Wild Thing
        The Sunset Of Your Love
        Bleeding Heart
        Room Full Of Mirrors
        Smashing The Amps
        Miracle Worker
        Blues Blues
        From This Day On
        Lime Lime
        Human Heart
        Girl So Fine

A lot of this material is definitely early works
(Youngblood etc.) as well as some Scene Club mayhem (F.H.I.T.A.!), but be
forewarned that a lot of this stuff is fake, too! Tracks like House of the
Rising Sun, Let the God Sing and others do not have ANY Jimi involvement. I
would say that $50 is a bit pricey considering what you get (which ain't
much), even though it IS a 4-CD set.

Overall sound quality isn't that excellent.

I don't know which Voodoo Chile it is here, but I think it's a live one
by the JHE, though there aren't any audience noises, cause they put an
early fade-out on it. It lasts 7:16. If I'd have to do a (very) wild
guess, I'd say it could be from the RAH. You can hear they copied it
from an LP. (tick tick crackle crack)
Red House is definitely from the Scene Club, NY.
I like Hush Now with the wahwah guitar.

I'd say about $35 is more appropriate. That was about the price the box set
costed around here, if my memory is serving me right.
If you absolutely have to have everything, buy it; if not, skip it, cause
there's nicer stuff out there.

Pantonic (catalog number unknown)
There is a fourth disc (mis-matched) piece of vinyl acting as a continuation
of the 3-LP set released via JOKER in 1972, JIMI HENDRIX AT HIS BEST 
series (i-iii).
Recorded in 1969 with Mike Ephron, Juma Sutan, etc
Side One :                              Side Two :
 IMPROMPTU No. 2                         IMPROMPTU No. 2
   BAROQUE I                              BAROQUE II
                                         IMPROMPTU No. 3
                                          Part 1. BERCEUSE
                                          Part 2. FLYING
                                          Part 3. PERPETUUM MOBILE
For Volume V, see Two Great Experiences Together

Jimi in Denmark
Dynamite Studios

This is a pirate of the Univibes CD of the same name.

Jimi Plays Berkeley  
(JMH 005)

Disc one:                       Disc two:
Blue Suede Shoes (4:30)         Pass It On (8:30
Power Of Soul (2:50)            Hey Baby (5:40)
Machine Gun (7:30)              Lover Man (3:00)
Message To Love (5:37)          Stone Free (4:32)
Room Full Of Mirrors (1:50)     Hey Joe (5:15)
Freedom (4:35)                  I Don't Live Today (5:32)
Johnny B. Goode (4:45)          Machine Gun (11:23)
Hear My Train A'Coming (12:09)  Foxy Lady (6:31)
Freedom (5:24)                  Star Spangled Banner (2:29)
Red House (7:58)                Purple Haze (4:00)
Ezy Rider (6:30)                Voodoo Child (10:36)
                                Rehearsal Jam (9:08)

Nice cover, nice inside photo, but another frustrating 2CD set. For
the most part, this set has been previously available on The Berkeley
Concerts and The Berkeley Rehearsals, both available from Whoopy
Kat, covering the rehearsal session and both concerts 5/30/70 at the
Berkeley Community Center. Audio quality is comparable to those
releases. Here, the producers give us a slightly different tracking list.
Disc one opens with the rehearsal sessions. Here, we get a couple
start-ups of "Blue Suede Shoes", along with "Power Of Soul",
"Machine Gun", "Message To Love", "Room Full Of Mirrors" and
"Freedom". But then, the producers of this disc opt to only give us a
"greatest hits" of the first concert - "Johnny B. Goode", "Hear My
Train", "Freedom", "Red House" and "Ezy Rider"; opting to omit
"Fire", "Foxy Lady", "Machine Gun", "Message To Love" and
"Voodoo Chile".

Disc two gives us the second set from 5/30/70. Here, we get a
bonus track that apparently had been omitted from The Berkeley
Concerts. Set list includes "Pass It On", "Hey Baby", "Lover Man",
"Stone Free", "Hey Joe", "I Don't Live Today", "Machine Gun", "Foxy
Lady" "Star Spangled Banner", "Purple Haze" and "Voodoo Chile".
Previous releases of this concert did not include "Hey Joe".
In addition, we get another "bonus track" to close out disc two, a
9:08 "Rehearsal Jam", again from the earlier rehearsals for the
concert. (1996)

Jimi Plays Berkeley
(officially released video)

It *could* have been great except for the fact that it looks
like it was edited with a chainsaw.

There's a newer version (maybe only laserdisc?) on which 
the audio quality has been greatly enhanced.