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500,000 Halos

Pick this up, its new and everyone is looking for it.  Get extra
copies they will move.

It is a really great disc
The sound quality is excellent, apart from a little hiss (but 
it's really insignificant). Get it if you can. The tracks are:
1. Drifter's Escape (vocal overdubs 6/17/70)	2:14
2. Stone Free (2nd 1/1/70 Fillmore East show)	13:17
3. Villanova Junction Blues (studio) 1/23/70	4:18
4. Bolero (studio) 7/1/70			6:14
5. Hear My Train Comin' (BOG studio) 5/21/69	8:21
6. Message To The Universe (Woodstock 8/18/69)  7:54
7. Hendrix / Young Jam 5/14/69			19:54
8. Belly Button Window (Demo) 7/22/70		4:05

RE: Hendrix/Young Jam
Both the "Dante's Inferno" and "Hell's Session" CDs have this jam listed as
"Young Hendrix Jam" (with a length of 13:28 on Dante's Inferno, which
apparently was the most complete version of this track up till now). The
Ben Franklin book lists Young/Hendrix as being 14:40, recorded May 14/69,
so who knows where the extra five minutes comes from, unless the producers
of 500,000 Halos mislabelled this track.

Another Opinion:
I think this is an unreleased (on CD, anyway) track which made the rounds
of tape traders, known as Fuzzy Guitar Jam.  It's about 20 minutes long and
it's listed on page 160 of FTBFS as 20:30.  It's a very nice piece, not as
polished as the released Young/Hendrix, but still well worth hearing!
The version I got in a trade times out to 19:54 too.

"51st Anniverary: The Story of Life" 

A great 8-CD collection from JMH (Italy). Not only does it contain the discs, 
but there's also a video of the Jan 9/69 Stockholm show (1st set) as well as 
a nicely-packaged book.  Unfortunately, the book's all written in Italian, 
and the video is in European format (easy enough to get it coverted to NTSC)! 
But in any case, it's a superb collection of studio and live material.

And don't get too excited: there's NO Monkees on this collection! 

If you can't get 51st Anniversary anymore, there are newer collections that
are just as adventurous and well-packaged. Of particular note is the 5-CD
"Black Gold" collection on Midnight Beat, or "A Musical Legacy" (4 CDs).

FIRE - The Entertainers CD 297 
1  FIRE - Winterland, 11 Oct 68, 2nd show.
2  MANIC DEPRESSION - Winterland, 12 Oct 68, 2nd show.
3  THE SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE - Winterland, 10 Oct 68, 2nd show.
4  KILLIN' FLOOR - Winterland, 10 Oct 68, 2nd show.
5  TAX FREE - Winterland, 11 Oct 68, 2nd show.
6  FOXY LADY - Winterland, 11 Oct 68, 2nd show.
7  LITTLE WING - Royal Albert Hall, 24 February 69.
8  LOVER MAN - Berkeley Community Center, 30 May 70, 2nd show.
9  HEY JOE / PURPLE HAZE / WILD THING - Winterland, 12 Oct 68, 1st show.
Basically, this consists of poor quality recordings of tracks from LIVE
AT WINTERLAND, plus two fairly good quality recordings of two tracks
from HENDRIX IN THE WEST (i.e. tracks 7 and 8).  Nice to have those two
on CD, but why the compiler of this CD included seven of the 11 tracks
from LIVE AT WINTERLAND, and included two tracks from HENDRIX IN THE
WEST, is bewildering.
Missing in Action
A recent odd release of a variety of studio material throughout Jimi's
years. There is some jamming with Curtis Knight, Stevie Wonder and John
McLaughlin on some songs, but the CD is mainly a variety of tunes already
released on other boots. If you are new to buying boots pick it up, if not
you'll probably have most of these songs elsewhere.
1. Catfish Blues
2. 1983...
3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
4. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window
5. Gloomy Monday
6. Ain't Too Proud To Beg
7. Electric Ladyland???
8. Lonely Avenue
9. World Traveler
10. It's Too Bad
11. Strato Strut
12. Cherokee Mist
13. Farther On Up the Road
14. Down in Mississippi
15. Midnight Lightning
16. Silent Night
17. Auld Lang Syne (Candle Waltz)
Rating: B Decent quality for a compilation of studio material.
Flaming Guitar
Rock Calendar (RC 2108)
Live at the San Jose Pop Festival, May 25th, 1969. Not so good here. This
CD sounds like it came from a half decent audience recording. Guitar is
turned way up leaving vocals, bass and drums relatively buried. The playing
sounds raw and really nothing all that new.
1. Hear My Train A Coming
2. Fire
3. Spanish Castle Magic
4. Red House
5. I Don't Live Today
6. Foxy Lady
7. Purple Haze
8. Voodoo Child
9. Room Full of Mirrors
10. Sunshing of Your Love
Rating: C- Mediocre/bad sound quality of a mediocre/bad concert.

You should also be aware of that the "Band of Gypsys"-CD included in the
"Footlights"-box, is the extended version of that album. It features all
the tracks from the original 1970-album, plus the 3 Fillmore-tracks from
the 1986-album "Band of Gypsys 2".

"Footlights" does not include "Woodstock" as its 4th album, but "Live at Winterl

Freak Out Blues
A great CD, and when it was first released, a lot of the
tracks were new to CD (Once I Had A Woman, Electric Church Red House,
Voodoo Chile outtake).  A favorite song on this CD is of course Police
Blues: in actuality, it's Blue Suede Shoes, followed by a long jam (Jimi
does a hilarious Elvis impersonation at the beginning) with lots of crazed
guitar solos as only Jimi could do.
Another standout track is the guitars only version of Bleeding
Heart (no drums or bass) that was featured on War Heroes -- it's absolutely
There are many great studio outtakes & jams on this disc, including the
Rainy Day Tryout, Blue Window Jam (with the Buddy Miles Express), a short
version of Country Blues, a studio version of Villanova Junction and
Freedom Jam. All great stuff with decent sound quality.
Freak Out Jam
 Bright Lights (Big Titties)* (w/Paul Caruso. Funny!)
 World Traveler**
 It's Too Bad**
 Message of Love* (with Buddy Miles Express Horns)
 Things I Used To Do (instrumental)***
 Things I Used To Do (vocal)***
 Cherokee Mist Jam/Little Dog O Mine
 Bolero #1*
 Hear My Train A Comin (Studio Experience version 12/15/67)
 Drivin South**
 Hollywood Jam*
 Mushy Name (Ezy Rider)*
 Drifter's Escape*
 Midnight Lightning (rap)*
 Midnight Lightning
 Hound Dog (acoustic)
*Previously unreleased
***Complete and First Time on CD
The footnotes are what's claimed on the CD.
The sound quality is uniformly excellent!
Free Concert
Midnight Beat
The first release by Midnight Beat, a nicely packaged disc that presents the 
31 August 1970 show at the Stora Scenen, Grona Lund, Tivoli Garden in 
Where it fails is firstly by omitting Red House and secondly by it's 
surprisingly poor sound quality so when news reached us on the ever 
dependable grapevine that four more audience tapes were to find their way 
onto cd courtesy of the same label the fear was that the same poor quality 
would also be evident.  Luckily, this is not necessarily the case.
Free Spirit
Magnum THBM 006

Only 3 tracks contain Jimi content.

(same as Whipper, Cherokee)