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Catfish Blues
Oil Well

a reissue of the "King and Wonder Sessions"

Dog 'n Roll DNR 001 JH1

CD comes in a tin can.

The contents of the CD is  exactly what  has been formely released as the

All but 3 tracks are fakes

The cover art is a painting of Jimi in a variation on the "Crash Landing" art: 
Jimi has native Indian feathers in his headband.

(same as Whipper, Free Spirit)

Cherokee Mist
(Triangle (PYCD 070)

Studio CD containing a variety of selections from '68 to '70. Complete
version of Valleys of Neptune is here as well as Cherokee Mist and an
interesting Can I Whisper In Your Ear. Also contains some different jams
and some releases found on NINE TO THE UNIVERSE. Sound quality is very good
and runs over 65+ minutes. We may have seen a few of these on New Rays...if
Jimi were still around.

Total:  65:47min
1) Country Blues (with harmonica)  10:47
2) Calling All Devil's Children     7:30
3) Valleys of Neptune               5:35
4) Cherokee Mist                    6:58
5) Ships Passing in the Night       2:33
6) Easy Blues                       7:44
7) Little Drummer Boy/ Silent Night 2:27 (butchered and has singers added)
8) Denny Boy                        5:01 (A fake by David Henderson, aka The Queen)
9) Drone Blues                      8:36
10)Untitled Guitar Improvisation    2:09
11)Stepping Stone (Demo)            4:14
12)Send My Love to Linda            2:07 (Title incorrect. This is an edited Hea
ven has 
no Sorrow.)

Rating: A- B+ Some real interesting stuff here with good sound quality.

QUALITY: A mixture of excellent studio cuts ... clean, crisp, and clear.
COMMENTS: Reocorded at Hit Factory and Record Plant studios between
1969-1970, and Track 2 TTG Hollywood, 1968. Cover is blue with red
lettering "Jimi Hendrix" and smaller black lettering "Cherokee Mist" in
the top third, the lower two thirds is a photo, on it's side, of Jimi in
an orange shirt playing a black strat.

Cherokee Mist
Oil Well

Re-release of "1968 AD Part 2" (Whoopy Kat WKP 0013 / USA 1994)

3.Cherokee Mist
4.Hear My Train
5.Voodoo Chile/Cherokee/Gypsy Eyes
6-7.Long Hot Summer Night
8.Have You Ever Been to Electric Ladyland
9.All Along Watchtower
10.Voodoo Chile
11-12.Rainy Day Jam
14.Have You Ever Been to Electric Ladyland
15.Little Miss Strange

1-7,17. Solo acoustic 1968
8,13-16. 3/68 session-early versions of ELL songs
9-12. ELL outtakes
 All this stuff has made multiple boot appearances but not a bad coll-
ection if you're starting out,I guess.The Triangle release is better IMO
and is worth seeking out though Denny Boy (aka God Save the Queen)is not
a real Hendrix track.

You will be able to find the same 1968-Demos (in better quality) on 
"Jimi by himself - The Home Recordings" (CD featured with the book 
"Voodoo Chile - An illustrated biography"), and most of the other 
tracks have also been released on several other bootlegs, although there 
are a few tracks that (to my knowlegde) aren't available anywhere else...yet.

Colorado 69'

Fair to good audience recording of the June 29th, 1969 last Experience
concert as Noel leaves the band.

1. Tax Free
2. Hear My Train A Coming
3. Fire
4. Spanish Castle Magic w/drum solo
5. Red House
6. Foxy Lady
7. Star Spangled Banner

Rating: B A very loose jam set of the normal Experience songs with Jimi in
good spirits joking with the crowd.

Come One
Universe UN 3106

"Semi-legal" German release issued in 1993 and contains an
hour's worth of greatest hits taken mostly from _AYE_ & _EL_. The version
of JTPwLSD is the same as the one on the UK _Smash Hits_ release. The CD cost 
me the equivalent of just $5 and it also contains the UK _Smash Hits_ version of
"Red House". I think of this CD as being a kind of 'mop up' release because
with this and the US version of _SH_ you then have all the tracks from _AYE_
and both the US & UK versions of _SH_, plus more!

Come On Stockholm 1970 (2CD)  

 CD 1 - Total Time 45:46

Intro 2:22
Lover Man 3:31
Catfish Blues 0:48 ---->
Race With the Devil 0:45 ---->
Ezy Rider 5:18
Red House 9:13
Come On (Part 1) 7:23
Room Full of Mirrors 4:48
Hey Baby 8:37 ---->
Drum Solo 2:57

 CD 2 - Total Time 45:39

Message To Love 8:35
Machine Gun 14:06 ---->
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 7:34 ---->
In From the Storm 4:00
Purple Haze 6:01
Foxy Lady 5:00 ---->
Star Spangled Banner 0:19

 Stora Scenen, Gronelund, Tivoli Garden, Stockholm, Sweden, August 31, 1970. 

The titles are from the jewel box. The "---->" means that the songs 
are a medley. CB/RWTD/ER are all one track on CD 1 as is HB/Drum Solo. On 
CD 2, MG/VC(SR)/IFtS is indexed as one track and FL/SSB is as well. The 
times are courtesy of me as the jewel box does not contain the track 
times. The discs themselves say Jimi & Friends Stockholm '70. The jewel 
box is the old oversized double CD container.

 There is no song separation and this is the complete concert. It is an 
audience recording and a very good one at that. Jimi's vocals are a 
little bit distorted but, on the whole, the sound is very good. As for 
the performance itself, Jimi seems in fine form and spirits. Considering 
this show was recorded the night after his IoW set, Jimi seems to be on 
top of his game. Particular standouts are Hey Baby and Machine Gun. Jimi 
must have gotten some much needed rest after the IoW gig.

 A very enjoyable show and CD set! I believe it is a Japanese release.

The Completer
Whoopy Kat
WKP 0018/19

Disk One (74:58):               

Bold As Love                             3:32   
She's So Fine (?!!?)                     2:42   
STPLSD                                   4:18   
Little Miss Lover                        2:22   
Dream                                    2:08   
Dance                                    1:52   
Ain't Too Proud To Beg                   8:10   
Peace In Mississippi                     6:59   
Isabella/Machine Gun                    15:17   
Midnight Lightning                       4:13   
Country Blues                            8:40   
Cherokee Mist Blues                      6:34   
Machine Gun                              8:07   

Disk Two (73:04):

Lord I Sing The Blues For Me And You     9:54
Easy Blues                               7:41
Ezy Ryder Jam (SIC)                      3:57
Beginning                                5:35
Straight Ahead                           4:09
Astro Man Jam                           13:43
Ezy Ryder/Highway Of Desire Jam (SIC)   14:28
Ships Passing In The Night               1:06
Jungle                                   6:37
Drivin' South/Sgt. Pepper's Jam          6:02

Honestly, it's a mixed bag, though I'd judge it as a great grab if you
don't have any studio boots.  It's all studio stuff, outtakes, jams, etc.
A few of the songs are recorded poorly.  I think it's from a few different 
sources, some perhaps several generations old but most of it is as clear as
commercial AD stuff.  Some have been released on AD records, in fact, but 
seemed less "produced" to me, but I'm no expert.

All musical quality & sound quality ratings are subjective as always.

Disk One:

Bold As Love - sound quality A.  Musical quality A- This doesn't have the
ending solo, but the vocal is slightly different than the offical, and has
a nice feel.
She's So Fine (?!!?) - Sound quality A.  Musical quality C.  It's hard to 
believe this is on a boot!  And, it's not as good as the original!!!  
Jimi's solos and rhythm work sound the same as on the official.  

Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice - Sound quality A.  Musical
quality B+/A.  I've never heard this one (maybe once, but I never had it 
on tape or album).  Jimi does a nice long solo while the "lyrics" are going
on.  This song is often referred to by it's initials - STP/LSD, and if you
listen to the "lyrics" at the end of the song, you can hear why.  However,
it is kinda interesting!

Little Miss Lover - sound quality C (sounds muffled, and fades out at the
end, sounds like a copy from a scratchy record at one point).  Musical
quality B-/B.  Sounds like Jimi's still working on the lyrics and the 
guitar work.  He does a different solo than on the official release.

Dream - sound quality C (sounds muffled & sounds like copied from a
scratchy record at times).  Musical quality C+.  This sounds like a Noel
song, and I've been told it is!  Mostly rhythm guitar by Jimi.

Dance - sound quality C (sounds muffled & sounds like copied from a
scratchy record at times).  Musical quality B-.  Vocal doesn't sound like
Jimi, but not exactly Noel either.  Mostly rhythm guitar by Jimi.  This cut
ends very abruptly.  I've heard this may be a cut with Mitch singing!  Can
anyone confirm this???

Ain't Too Proud To Beg - sound quality A- (has some high frequncy noise,
but not too bad).  Musical quality A.  Instrumental jam with smokin' solos
by Jimi at beginning and towards the end of cut.

Peace In Mississippi - sound quality A.  Musical quality A.  This sounds
like the same cut that was released a couple of times by AD.  His was
likely edited from this one since this is much longer than either the cut
on Crash Landing (4:22) or Voodoo Soup (5:22).  Also released on lotsa boot

Isabella/Machine Gun - sound quality A.  Musical quality A.  This one
starts out with several instrumental takes of Izabella, with the final take
making it all the way through, followed by Machine Gun.  Larry Lee accompanies 
Jimi on guitar.  No real solos, but nice sounding for the
Izabella part.  For the Machine Gun part, Jimi sings a little, with
different lyrics than other versions of MG.  The solos don't have the fire
of the live versions, but I think this may be the best studio version of
Machine Gun I've heard.  Larry solos at the end of the
song, and does a decent job (though I'd rather hear Jimi).  Jimi does a
nice mellow Arabesque solo finish, but the song ends abruptly.  The MG
section is about 8:45.  This is one of the best cuts on this set.

Midnight Lightning - sound quality A.  Musical quality B/B-.  I haven't
listened to this song much on the AD release "Midnight Lightning."  I think
Jimi is still working on the lyrics on this take.  It's pretty much rhythm
guitar with no solos and very few lead fills.

Country Blues - sound quality A.  Musical quality A.  An instrumental
(jam?) with some great guitar playing.  This cut is on lots of CD boots
(apparently) and deserves to have been officially released.  Also released 
on "Cherokee Mist" boot CD (others?).  This cut does NOT have the 
harmonica player ("Don") the "Cherokee Mist" boot CD version has.

Cherokee Mist Blues - sound quality A.  Musical quality A-.  This song is
an instrumental with double tracked guitars.  This is NOT the "sitar" 
version released on the "Cherokee Mist" boot CD.  Ends rather oddly.

Machine Gun - sound quality A.  Musical quality A.  This sounds a lot like
the version from "Midnight Lightning."  Lots of vocals on this cut, and
twin guitar tracks.  Both guitars are hot, but I can't say they are both 
definitely Jimi.  If not, it doesn't matter, 'cuz they're both good!!!  
Fades out at the end.

Disk Two:

Lord I Sing The Blues For Me And You - sound quality A.  Musical quality 
A-.  Nice medium tempo instrumental (mostly) jam.  Several very nice solos!
Jimi's guitar is mixed down a little, but still crystal clear.  This cut
also has more than one guitar, but I can't tell if they're both Jimi or
not.  Vocals only in the last 1:30 of this almost 10 minute cut.

Easy Blues - sound quality A.  Musical quality A.  One of my all-time
favorite Jimi "songs" released after his death.  This version is much
longer than the one from "9 To The Universe" (by almost 2 1/2 minutes).  
It contains a solo by Larry Lee that Alan Douglas edited (out).  Also
released on "Cherokee Mist" boot CD.

Ezy Ryder Jam (SIC) - sound quality A.  Musical quality A.  Jimi's guitar
is mixed down a little in this cut, but it's still very enjoyable.  His 
guitar is double-tracked (I'm pretty sure they're both Jimi), so it has a 
slightly different flavor than the "official" release, besides being 
completely instrumental.  Ends abruptly.

Beginning - sound quality A.  Musical quality A.  Another of my favorite
posthumous releases.  This version is longer than the one released on "War
Heroes" and is likely the one AD edited & used on that album.  Great
instrumental cut!

Straight Ahead - sound quality A.  Musical quality B-.  Sounds like the
version from "Cry Of Love" at the beginning, but ends abruptly after
changing to a "vocal take" dropping all instruments except bass & drums.

Astro Man Jam - sound quality A.  Musical quality A+.  Jimi, w/bass & drums
accompaniment.  This cut is AWESOME!  Jimi rips off one great solo after 
another in this jam!!!  Ends abruptly, but doesn't really matter!  
Completely instrumental.

Ezy Ryder/Highway Of Desire Jam - sound quality A.  Musical quality A.
This has also been released on some boots ("Message From Nine To The
Universe," "Master's Masters," others?) as Highway Of Broken Dreams or as 
$7 In My Pocket Jam.  Has a harmonicat (Lee Oskar?), but he's not mixed
very "up" in this version.  Vocal + instruments, I think of this cut as
Jimi jamming with the lyrics.  Ends abruptly, but doesn't really matter.

Ships Passing In The Night - sound quality A.  Musical quality B-.  Just
Jimi singing & playing electric guitar.  Very short and incomplete.  Also
released on "Cherokee Mist" boot CD.

Jungle - sound quality A.  Musical quality B-.  Instrumental only,
mostly rhythm work.  Some flute & percussion present.  Anyone know who they
might be???  Also released on "Eyes & Imagination" (others?).

Drivin' South/Sgt. Pepper's Jam - sound quality A.  Musical quality A-.
Instrumental.  Nice version of Drivin' South, but there are some strictly
rhythm sections (never noticed that the bass line for this sounds like
Third Stone From The Sun before!) where Jimi's guitar disappears.  At one
point in the song, he tunes his guitar, so maybe he switched axes.  The cut
stops and Jimi launches right into Sgt. Pepper which ends quickly.

Cornerstones -- Jimi Hendrix 1967-70

track list
1)Hey Joe
2)Purple Haze
3)The Wind Cries Mary
4)Foxy Lady
5)Crosstown Traffic
6)All Along the Watchtower
7)Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
9)Star Spangled Banner (Rainbow Bridge Sountrack)
10)Stepping Stone (early single -- different from War Heroes slightly)
11)Room Full of Mirrors (RB Soundtrack)
12)Ezy Ryder
15)In From the Storm
17)Fire (live @ Atlanta Pop Festival 7/4/70)
18)Stone Free ("" "" ""  ""  "" "" "" "") 

Cosmic Turnaround

Lonnie Youngblood stuff again sports fans.

FAKE... no jimi content

Crosstown Traffic

audience recording
August 3, 1968, Moody Colliseum, Dallas, Texas

This is a fair quality recording at best, but listenable.  I'd been looking 
for it for awhile because it has the JHE version of Traffic's 
"Dear Mr.  Fantasy", which is the only recording of Jimi doing this tune, 
as far as I know.

The CD is a complete unedited audience recording, with all the between song
tuning and talking intact.  In fact, before the band is introduced by an 
anonymous female, they can be heard on stage tuning up for almost five minutes.
The recording is only fair, as I said, with a pretty bass-heavy sound and 
vocals not always heard that easily.  This isn't necessarily highly recommended
for those just starting to collect live concert recordings, as there are many 
better shows and better quality recordings available. But for anyone deeper 
into collecting live Hendrix shows, this is a good title.  The tape of this 
show only appeared on the tape-trading scene about a year ago, so it's
not all that well-known of a show.

Here's the song listing:

Dear Mr. Fantasy -- pretty cool to hear the Experience do this one

Rock Me Baby -- this version has a little drum solo(possibly some technical 
		difficulty) followed by a passage where Jimi does the tune 
		with a slower, syncopated tempo, different than any other 
		version of this song I can recall.  Total time is just under 
		nine minutes!

Foxy Lady -- Jimi sustains the opening note for over thirty seconds, before
		crashing into Foxy Lady

I Don't Live Today -- there are better versions

Hey Joe -- before this one, Jimi seems to be about to introduce "Like a
	Rolling Stone", but then asks if the PA is working better than before, 
	and seems to determine from all the shouts that it's not so they launch
	into Hey Joe        


Red House -- this is really good, with Jimi really stretching out and doing a
	great unrushed version of the song. Definitely one of the better 
	versions you'll hear.  This one clocks in at 14:27, so it's also one
	the longer versions.  Also, the sound quality on this song is the best 
	on the disc, with the vocals very clear.

Purple Haze

Wild Thing