29-01-68 L'Olympia, Paris, France "Black Devil" Albums... Jimi Hendrix... Karl J. Geisler

Black Devil
29-01-68 L'Olympia, Paris, France

This is a great-sounding recording of a good show. To me the performance doesn't seem as inspired as, say, Monterey, but I suppose it's not quite fair to compare anything to arugably the greatest JHE show ever (IMO). I don't know why. I can only speculate that the boys were just screwing around having fun. Jimi's appears to be in a fun mood, joking with the audience between songs. They perform the song "tune up time" and announce it as such a couple of times. There's even a little rockin impromptu thingy ala Elvis. Noel throws in a few "thank you"'s and plays guitar with Jimi on Red House (something they did for a while there). It's a good show, the sound quality is great, and the recording complete. This show was released officially as part of the Stages box set.

Killing Floor * Catfish Blues * Foxy Lady * Red House * Drivin' South * The Wind Cries Mary * Fire * Little Wing * Purple Haze