2013 ASME Summer Heat Transfer


Minneapolis, MN, USA
July 14-19, 2013

Call for Papers:


A Symposium in Honor of Professor
Richard J. Goldstein


Abstract Deadline: November 5, 2012

Submission:  https://www.asmeconferences.org/HT2013/index.cfm


About the Symposium and Professor Goldstein:


Sponsored by the ASME Heat Transfer Division this symposium at the 2013 Summer Heat Transfer Conference is in honor of Professor Richard J. Goldstein’s distinguished career.


Professor Richard J. Goldstein, Regents Professor at the University of Minnesota, is world renowned for his fundamental work in experimental fluid mechanics and heat transfer. His work on the topics of film cooling, wall jets and optical flow measurements has transformed the field. During his five decades at Minnesota, he has been recognized with the ASME Heat Transfer Memorial Award (1978), National Academy of Engineering membership (1985), the AIChE/ASME Max Jakob Memorial Award (1990) and the ASME Medal (2006), the highest award ASME bestows.  Prof. Goldstein is a fellow of APS, ASEE, the Royal Academy of Engineering, and an honorary member of ASME. HE served as ASME president from 2006-2007.

Topics of Interests:

·         Fluid Mechanics, which includes but is not limited to the following sub-topics:

o    Separated Flows

o    Impinging and Wall Jet Fluid Dynamics

o    Optical Flow Measurement Techniques

o    Turbulent Flow Characterization


·         Experimental Heat and Mass Transfer, including but not limited to:

o    Heat/Mass Transfer Analogy

o    Free and Forced Convection

o    Impinging and Wall Jets Heat Transfer

o    Film Cooling

o    Heat Transfer Measurement Techniques


Invited Speakers:

·         Invited Speakers: To Be Announced

Submission Instruction:

Visit the 2013 ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference website: https://www.asmeconferences.org/HT2013/index.cfm, and submit an abstract to track 20, "Symposium in honor of Richard J. Goldstein.”


Symposium and Session Organizers:

Ronald Adrian, Arizona State University,jradrian@asu.edu

Amy Fleischer, Villanova University, amy.fleischer@villanova.edu

Thomas Kuehn, University of Minnesota, kuehn001@umn.edu

Frank Kulacki, University of Minnesota, kulacki@me.umn.edu

James Ramsey, University of Minnesota, jwramsey@me.umn.edu

John Shadid, Sandia National Laboratory, jnshadi@sandia.gov

Vinod Srinivason, University of California Berkeley, srinivav@ge.com