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Evgeniya Dontsova "Understanding of Edge and Screw Dislocations in Nanostructures by Modeling and Simulations" -- University of Minnesota, 2013. Engeniya_thesis.pdf

Dong-Bo Zhang "Electromechanical Characterization of Quasi-One Dimensional Nanostructures of Silicon, Carbon, and Molybdenum Disuldfide via Symmetry-Adapted Tight-Binding Molecular Dynamics" -- University of Minnesota, 2010. Dong-Bo_thesis.pdf


Ilia Nikiforov "A Study of Bending Deformations in Carbon Nanotubes Using the Objective Molecular Dynamics Method" -- University of Minnesota, 2010. ilia_thesis.pdf

Tyler Anderson "A Multiscale Methodology for Modeling Carbon Nanotube Mechanics with Discrete Element Method" -- University of Minnesota, 2010. ande.pdf

Mayur Suri "Phase-Transition Assisted Deposition of Passivated Nanospheres" -- University of Minnesota, 2008. thesis-suri.pdf

Paolo Valentini "Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Deposition of Silicon Nanoparticles onto Crystalline Silicon Substrates" -- University of Minnesota, 2007. valentini-thesis.pdf

Anthony Carlson "An Extended Tight-Binding Approach for Modeling Supramolecular Interactions of Carbon Nanotubes" -- University of Minnesota, 2006.tony-thesis.pdf


Craig Lewandowski,"The development of a CFD program to model the pressure distribution of a nanocomposite melt flow through a twin-screw extruder" -- University of Minnesota Latin Honor Thesis, Academic Year: 2005-2006. nanocomposite.pdf