Our research in the NEWS

Jan 15, 2010 Trends in Computational Nanomechanics: Transcending Length and Time Scales, (Traian Dumitrica, Ed.)

Nov 19, 2009 Nanotechweb.org: New routes to adjusting light from artificial atoms

September 2008 The New York Times: If traveling very fast, the very small just stick

August 2008 Physical Review Focus: Nanoparticles Stick a Perfect Landing

April 2006 Time, temperature, and load: The flaws of carbon nanotubes

March 28, 2006 U of M researcher helps develop predictive tool for nanotube breaks

March 27, 2006 Computer model maps strengths, weaknesses of nanotubes

April 07, 2004 Caps off, if I ask!

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