University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Seminar - ME 8773/8774

Fall 2017
Wednesdays, 3:30 - 5:00 pm
Room 1130 ME

Seminar Coordinator: Professor Rajesh Rajamani
Seminar Support: Tori Piorek


September 6

Host: Rajesh Rajamani


Course Orientation

September 13

Host: Frank Kulacki

S. A. Sherif
University of Florida

Title: "Frost Formation and Heat Transfer in Supersaturated Freezer Air" (pdf)

Recording: Download/View Here or YouTube

September 20

Host: Chris Hogan

Lana Yarosh
University of Minnesota

Title: "Designing to Support Strong Tie Relationships" (pdf)

Recording: Download/View Here or YouTube

September 27

Host: Tian Cui

Liang Dong
Iowa State

Title: "Microsystems Technology for Plant Phenomics and Sustainable Agriculture" (pdf)

Recording: not available

October 4

Host: Uwe Kortshagen

Jiarong Hong
University of Minnesota

Title: "Whole-Field Flow Measurement at Very Large and Very Small Scales with Innovative Particle Image Velocimetry" (pdf)

Recording: Download/View Here

October 11

Host: Chris Hogan

Allen Robinson
Department Head, Carnegie Mellon

Title: "Shale Gas: Green Energy Revolution or a Bridge to Nowhere" (pdf)

Recording: Download/View Here or YouTube

October 18

Host: Rajesh Rajamani

Silvia Ferrari

Title: "Distributed Optimal Control of Multiscale Sensor Systems" (pdf)

Recording: Download/View Here

October 25

Host: Chris Hogan

Andrew Lamperski
University of Minnesota

Title: "Statistical Moments and Communication Via Optimal Control" (pdf)

Recording: Download/View Here

November 1

Host: Mike McAlpine

Bozhi Tian
University of Chicago

Title: "Exploring the Interfaces Between Silicon and Soft Materials" (pdf)

Recording: Download/View Here

November 8

Host: Julianna Abel

Mohammed Elahinia
University of Toledo

Title: "NiTi for Patient-specific Mandibular Fixation Surgery" (pdf)

Recording: Download/View Here

November 15

Host: Xiaojia Wang

Pam Norris
University of Virginia at Charlottesville

Title: "Engineering Thermal Transport at Interfaces: Experimental and Computational Approaches" (pdf)

Recording: Download/View Here

November 22

No Seminar


November 29

Host: Rusen Yang

Wenzhuo Wu
Purdue University

Title: "Large-Area Solution-Manufactured Air-Stable 2D Material for High-Performance Electronics and Smart Sensors" (pdf)

Recording: Download/View Here

December 6

Host: Cari Dutcher

Vicki Grassian
University of California, San Diego

Title: "Aerosols in Indoor and Outdoor Environments: Detection, Characterization, Chemistry and Impacts" (pdf)

Recording: Download/View Here

December 13

Host: Vinod Srinivasan

Satish Kandilkar
Rochester Institute of Technology

Title: "New Understanding of the Heat Transfer Mechanisms During Pool and Flow Boiling" (pdf)

Recording: Not available for viewing


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