University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Seminar - ME 8773/8774

Fall 2016
Wednesdays, 3:30 - 5:00 pm
Room 1130 ME

Seminar Coordinator: Professor Jiarong Hong
Seminar Support: Tori Piorek


September 7


Jiarong Hong
University of Minnesota

Course Orientation

September 14


Rusen Yang
University of Minnesota

Title: "Piezoelectric Nanomaterial: Growth and Applications" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

September 21


Peter Bruggeman
University of Minnesota

Title: "Non-Equilibrium Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas in Medicine, Disinfection, Material Synthesis and Water Treatment" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

September 28


Will Northrop
University of Minnesota

Title: "Minimizing the Environmental Impact of Internal Combustion Engines: Nanoparticles, Fuel Reactivity and Connectivity" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

October 5

Host: Srinivasan

Andrei Fedorov
Georgia Tech

Title: "Exploiting Nanoscale Confinement for Design of Optimal Evaporation/Condensation Interface" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

October 12

Host: McAlpine

Rob Shepherd
Cornell University

Title: "Additive Manufacturing of Soft Robots for Human Health and HCI" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

October 19

Host: Xiaojia Wang

Samuel Graham
Georgia Tech

Title: "Thermal Engineering of GaN Semiconductor Devices" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

October 26

Host: Kulacki

John H. Lienhard

Title: "Desalination for Water Supply: Is Energy Consumption Manageable?" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

November 2

Host: Kowalewski

Robert J. Webster III
Vanderbilt University

Title: "Can Needle-Sized Robot Tentacles Help Surgeons Save Lives?" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

November 9

Host: Bruggeman

Michael Keidar
George Washington University

Title: "Plasma Application in Cancer Therapy: Plasma Physics, Mechanism and Applications" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

November 16

Host: Dutcher

Barbara Wyslouzil
Ohio State University

Title: "From Molecules to Nanocrystals in Supersonic Flow: Alkanes Versus Water" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

November 23

No Seminar


November 30

Host: Shen

Gabriel Weymouth
University of Southampton

Title: "Learning Fluid Dynamics from Animals: Changing Shape to Efficiently Generate Large Fluid Forces" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

December 7

Host: Hong

Giacomo Valerio Iungo
The University of Texas at Dallas

Title: "Proactive Monitoring of Wind Farms for Maximization of Power Harvesting: Lidar Measurements and Data-Driven Reduced Order Models" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

December 14

Host: Yang

Susan Trolier-McKinstry
Penn State

Title: "Piezoelectric Films for MEMS Applications" (pdf)

Recording: View Here



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