University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering


Rusen Yang

Richard and Barbara Nelson Assistant Professor
and McKnight Land Grant Professor

Office: 113 Mechanical Engineering
Phone: 612-626-4318

Ph.D. 2007, Materials Science, Georgia Institute of Technology
M.S. 2001, Condensed Matter Physics, Jilin University, China
B.S. 1998, Physics, Jilin University, China



Primary research is in the emerging field of energy harvesting nanotechnology. Mechanical wave and vibrations exist ubiquitously in various environments, such as wind, ocean, and vehicle engines. Such mechanical energy can be converted into electricity with piezoelectric nanomaterials (nanogenerator). Current investigation includes the growth and characterization of novel nanomaterials, the in-depth understanding of the energy conversion with nanostructures, large-scale fabrication of nanogenerators, as well as the integration of energy harvesters with other devices for energy storage, wireless sensor network, and biomedical applications.


Nanomaterials and Sustainable Technology Laboratory