Heat Transfer Laboratory

Faculty: Dr. Richard J. Goldstein

Kaustubh Kulkarni (webpage)

Title: Experimental Verification of Heat and Mass Transfer Analogy for Boundary Layer Flows


  • Many engineering applications such as gas turbine engines require detailed and accurate heat transfer measurements on complicated geometries for highly turbulent flows. The heat transfer in such situations occurs in very think boundary layers for high Reynolds number flows. Performing heat transfer measurements is extremely difficult under such conditions and often, mass transfer results are used with heat/mass transfer analogy. The results of such tests can be useful quantitatively only if an analogy factor is accurately known to convert mass transfer measurements into heat transfer results. However, this analogy factor is found to be dependent on the flow situation and test geometry. The present work focuses on evaluation the analogy factor for two dimensional laminar and turbulent boundary layer flows on flat surfaces by direct and independent measurement of heat and mass transfer results for the identical flow conditions.


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