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David Y. H. Pui

Distinguished McKnight University Professor
L M Fingerson/TSI Chair in Mechanical Engineering
Director of the Particle Technology Laboratory
Member, National Academy of Engineering (NAE)

Office: ME 3101F
Phone: 612-625-2537

Ph.D. 1976, M.S. 1973, B.S. 1970, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota



Research interest has focused on industrial applications of aerosol science & technology and nanoparticle engineering, and on developing instrumentation for generating, sampling and measuring airborne particles. Fundamental topics include aerosol charging & neutralization, aerosol sampling, transport & deposition, and air/gas/liquid filtration. The Center for Filtration Research (CFR) that Dr. Pui directs, consisting of 18 international filtration companies, has become a leading international center for air and gas filtration research. Recently, he is working with the CFR companies to develop filtration solutions for the world's most pressing environmental problems, the PM2.5 pollution in large urban cities. He has collaborated with nanotoxicologists and materials scientists in the environmental, health and safety studies of nanoparticles (Nano-EHS), for the sustainable development of nanotechnology. Recent research includes developing standard test methods for nanoparticle filtration, calibrating particle counters at ultra-low concentrations, and measuring geometrical surface areas of spherical and agglomerate nanoparticles. His group has also worked on clean manufacturing of semiconductors, e.g., membrane ultrafiltration of 1.5-10 nm nanoparticles, as well as contamination detection and control in vacuum tools to support Extreme UV Lithography (EUVL) technology.

Professor Pui has over 265 journal papers and 40 patents, and has developed or co-developed several widely used commercial aerosol instruments. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and a fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Dr. Pui has received many awards, including the Max Planck Research Award (1993), the Humboldt Research Award for Senior U.S. Scientists (2000), the Fuchs Memorial Award (2010) -- the highest disciplinary award conferred jointly by the American, Japanese and German aerosol associations, and the Einstein Professorship Award (2013) by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

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