University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering


Virgil A. Marple

Professor Emeritus
In Memoriam


Ph.D. 1970, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota
M.S. 1965, Mechanical Engineering, University of Southern California
B.S. 1962, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota



Research interests lie in the areas of particle technology and aerosol science. Specific research areas include the development, evaluation, and calibration of instruments that monitor the size distribution of aerosol particles, especially non-ideal aerosols such as those found in the mining industry.

Basic research includes studies of particle separation by inertial classification. This work primarily deals with real and virtual inertial impactors and cyclones and has led to the development of several devices, including respirable impactors and uniform deposition impactors.

Additional research areas include both two- and three-dimensional modeling of fluid flow fields and particle trajectories in aerosol sampling devices, the analysis of anisokinetic particle sampling, and the study of fugitive dust emissions.