University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering


Francis A. Kulacki

Office: ME 121
Phone: 612-625-3807, 612-910-1476

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Ph.D. 1971, Mechanical Engineering,
University of Minnesota
M.S. 1966, Gas Engineering,
B.S. 1963, Mechanical Engineering,
Illinois Institute of Technology

Research Interests

  • Natural convection heat transfer: Buoyancy driven flow with internal energy generation
  • Heat transfer in porous media: Properties and transport in saturated media
  • Boiling in disperse suspensions: Pool boiling and flow boiling
  • Energy systems analysis: Large-scale energy budge projections
  • Frost/defrost mechanisms and transport
  • Embedded thermal management of electronic devices and systems


  • ASME Life Fellow
  • Fellow, American Association for Advancement of Science.
  • ASME Heat Transfer Memorial Award
  • ASME E. F. Church Award
  • Distinguished Alumnus, Department of Mechanical, Materials and Aeronautical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • ASME Heat Transfer Division, 75th Anniversary Medal
  • ASME Dedicated Service Award
  • George W. Taylor Distinguished Service Award, College of Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota
  • Roll of Honor of Polish Science
  • Who’s Who in American Education, 1992

Selected Publications

1. Janssen, D., Dixon, J.M., Young, S.J., and Kulacki, F.A., 2015, Cooling Multiple In Line Chip Pairs via Flow Boiling, Trans. ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, 137(11), 111501-1–12. (doi:10.1115/1.4030382)

2. Wenzel, E.A., Kulacki, F.A., Garrick, S.C., 2016, Modeling and Simulation of Liquid-Liquid Droplet Heating a Laminar Boundary Layer. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 97, 653-661. (

3. Janssen D, Mohs, W, Kulacki, FA, 2016, Frost Layer Growth Based on High Resolution Image Analysis. ASME J Therm Sci Engrg Appl 8(2), 011018-021018-12. (doi. 10.1115/1.4032536)

4. Janssen D, Kulacki FA, 2017, Flow Boiling of Dilute Emulsions. Int J Heat Mass Trans 115:1000-1007, (

5. Cheng S, Fu M, Wang M, Kulacki, FA, 2018, The influence of the tube wall on fluid flow, permeability and streaming potential in a transducer for liquid curricular angular accelerometers, Sensors Actuators-A Physical 276:175-185. (

6. Kulacki FA (Ed.), 2018, Handbook of Thermal Science and Engineering, Springer Nature, ISBN 978-3-319-28573-3

7. Liu Y, Kulacki FA, 2018, The Effect of Surface Wettability on the Defrost Process, Springer Briefs in Engineering and Applied Science, Springer, New York.

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