University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering


Allison Hubel

Office: ME 2101C
Phone: 612-626-4451

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Ph.D. M.S., Mechanical Engineering,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

B.S., Mechanical Engineering,
Iowa State University

Research Interests

  • Molecular mechanisms of damage during freezing
  • Mechanisms of cryoprotection or cryoinjury
  • Low temperature imaging of biological systems
  • Preservation of cells and tissues
  • Microfluidics and transport in microfluidic channels


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Selected Awards

  • 2017 Outstanding Achievement in Biobanking, ISBER
  • 2013 Scholar, National Blood Foundation
  • 2012 Fellow, American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineers
  • 2008 Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • 2001 Presidential Distinguished Faculty

Selected Publications

1. Pollock K, Budenske JW, McKenna DH, Dosa PI, Hubel A, “Algorithm-driven optimization of cryopreservation protocols,” J Tissue Engr Regen Med, 10: 2806-2815, 2017

2. Pollock K, Samsonraj RM, Dudakovic A, Thaler R, Stumbras A, McKenna DH, Dosa PI, van Wijnen AJ, Hubel A, “Improved post-thaw function and epigenetic changes in mesenchymal stromal cells cryopreserved using multicomponent osmolyte solutions,” Stem Cells and Development, 26: 828-842, 2017.

3. Yu G, Pollock K, Yap YR, Hubel A, “Characterizing intracellular ice formation of lymphoblasts cryopreserved in different cryoprotectant compositions using low temperature Raman microspectroscopy,” Biophysical J, 112 (12): 2653-2663, 2017.

4. Pi C.H., Yu G, Petersen A, Hubel A, “Characterizing the ‘Sweet spot” for the preservation of a T-cell line using osmolytes”, Scientific Reports, 8(1): p. 16223, 2018.

5. Yu G, Li R, Hubel A, “Interfacial interactions of sucrose during cryopreservation detected by Raman spectroscopy”, Langmuir, DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.8b01616, 2018.