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Traian Dumitricã

Graduate Faculty Member, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Graduate Faculty Member, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Graduate Faculty Member, Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering
Graduate Faculty Member, Physics
Graduate Faculty Member, Scientific Computing

Office: Me 244
Phone: 612-625-3797

Ph.D. 2000, Chemical Physics, Texas A&M University
Diploma, 1996, Condensed Matter Physics, The "Abduis Salam" Center for Theoretical Physics, Italy
B.S. 1992, Physics, University of Bucharest, Romania



Research interest is in atomistic and multi-scale computational aspects of materials science, with emphasis on the mechanical and thermal properties at the nano-scale. The prevalent theoretical methods developed and employed in our group are classical and tight-binding molecular dynamics, and the distinct element method. We use these methods for various purposes, including (i) to investigate the thermal properties of nano-system (to study for example the heat flux within a material in order to evaluate its heat conductivity coefficient [1]); (ii) to describe the fundamental mechanical deformations of nano-materials (to explore mechanical response of carbon nanotubes and their assemblies, like nano-films and nano-ropes [2]); and (iii) to determine an optimal equilibrium nano-structure (i.e., to locate a minima on the multidimensional potential-energy hypersurface [3]). In our group, we published over fifty refereed papers in top journals, like Nature Physics, Physical Review Letters, Small, and ACS Nano.

[1] Xiong, S.; Ma, J.; Volz, S.; Dumitrică, T. (2014) Thermally-Active Screw Dislocations in Si Nanowires and Nanotubes, Small doi: 10.1002/smll.201302966.

[2] Ostanin, I.; Ballarini, R.; Potyondy, D.; Dumitrică, T. (2013) A distinct element method for large scale simulations of carbon nanotube assemblies. J. Mech. Phys. Sol. 61: 762.

[3] Tapasztó, L. et al. (2012) Breakdown of continuum mechanics for nanometre-wavelength rippling of graphene. Nature Phys. 8: 739.

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