University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering


Perry L. Blackshear, Jr.

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. 1956, Mechanical Engineering, Case Institute of Technology
M.S. 1947, B.S. 1943, Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology



Major research interests are divided between alternative energy sources and bioengineering, which complement each other in surprising ways. A technique for separating urea from a blood filtrate is of interest in concentrating ethanol derived from biomass. Techniques for studying the fragility of red blood cells are useful in removing yeast cell nuclei before using them for food. National Institutes of Health supported research includes mechanical factors that influence atherogenesis and rheological aspects of sickle cell anemia.

Studies are assessing the recoverable biomass quantities that might serve as feed stock for the state's synfuels industry. These studies include the impact on soil and water quality, the competition with feed and bedding uses, and the soil nutrient effects of harvesting agricultural residues. Also being explored are the requirements to assess the overall performance of a biomass-based synthetic fuels system for a representative segment of Minnesota from residue collection to engine modification.