University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering


Alptekin Aksan


Office: 241 Mechanical Engineering
Phone: 612-626-6618

Ph.D. 2002, Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI
M.S. 1995, B.S. 1992, Mechanical Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey


Bioencapsulation and Biostabilization Laboratories


Cellular Biophysics 
We focus on understanding the effects of mechanical, thermal and osmotic interventions on mammalian cells with special emphasis on understanding the response of the cell membrane, and the cytoskeleton. (read more)

Our research in this area focuses on understanding how the changes in water hydrogen bonding (due to temperature and phase change as well as in the presence of solutes) alter the behaviors of lipid membranes and macromolecules. (read more)

Our research in this area focuses on understanding the mechanisms of damage biospecimens experience during processing and storage. We also focus on developing optimized and alternative biopreservation and storage techniques to ensure biospecimens of high quality can be stably stored for long periods of time, economically, and without losing the critical information they contain. (read more)          

Biomechanics, Bioheat and Mass Transfer
Our research in this area mainly focuses on understanding and modeling the thermomechanical responses of collagenous soft tissues. (read more)

Hybrid Biomaterials
We focus on designing and manufacturing organic-synthetic hybrid biomaterials using silica sol-gel technology. (read more)         

Phase Change Phenomena
We are interested in examining phase change phenomena, especially in terms of understanding how different components in the solution partition and how the presence of multiple interfaces, changes in temperature and osmotic pressures affect the structures and activities of the organic materials in the solution. (read more)