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Homepage of the Kortshagen research group

Principal Investigator

  • Name: Prof. Uwe Kortshagen
  • Position: Distinguished McKnight University Professor and Mechanical Engineering Department Head
  • Education: Dipl. Physics, 1988, University of Bochum, Germany; Dr. rer. nat., 1991, Physics, University of Bochum, Germany; Habilitation, 1995, Experimental Physics, University of Bochum, Germany
  • Biography: Primary research interest is in plasma processes for advanced technological applications. Recent investigations are concerned with radio frequency sustained plasmas used for semiconductor manufacturing and for advanced light sources. These studies include probe diagnostics of the plasma electrons, measurements of the ion energy distribution, optical emission and absorption plasma spectroscopy, and multidimensional kinetic, numerical modeling of complete discharge systems. Further research interests are in plasma chemistry and nanoparticle generation in plasmas.



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