The classes Professor Cui teaches are ME3222 (Design and Manufacturing II) and ME8254 (Fundamentals of MEMS). Usually ME3222 is offered every Spring and ME8254 every Fall.

ME3222: Design and Manufacturing II (Class website)

The first portion of ME 3222 is designed to teach how to create and analyze motion in machines. Synthesizing new mechanisms, in addition to analyzing existing mechanisms, is a particular strength of this class. The second portion of the class is designed to equip you with a “palette” of popular components that you may wish to utilize while synthesizing a new machine. This background will prepare you for the creative and exciting endeavor of designing new or improved machines. The two portions of this class mesh synergistically. Furthermore, the course project will walk you through the common scenario of developing the basic kinematics of a new machine, then optimizing it by developing its complete drive train. This class is likely to be of interest and value to any mechanical engineering student interested in designing mechanical products.

ME8254: Fundamentals of MEMS (Class website)

The objectives of this class are summarized as follows:
1. To know the major classes, components, and applications of MEMS and to demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles behind the operation of these MEMS devices/ systems.
2. To gain an understanding of standard microfabrication techniques.
3. To understand the unique requirements, environments, and applications of MEMS.
4. To apply knowledge of microfabrication techniques and applications to the design and manufacturing of a MEMS device or a microsystem.
5. To make the study of MEMS enjoyable.