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Ben Adams

Mechanical Engineering PhD Candidate
Research Assistant for CO2 Geothermal Project
Teaching Assistant for ME4031, ME2011, ME4054; Writing TA
Office: ME 301
E-mail: adam0068@umn.edu; Phone: 715.321.0567
B.A.E.M., May 2004, Aerospace Engineering, University of Minnesota
M.S.M.E., June 2010, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota
Research Interests

My current project is the CO2 geothermal project. It is a collaborative project between: Mechanical Engineering, Geology and Geophysics, Economics, and the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. The goals are to develop a develop a commercially viable geothermal power plant using CO2 as the working fluid. I have been specifically working on optimizing the power production over the life of the plant as well as options for integration of our plant with CO2 producing facilities.



Thomas Kuehn

Professor Emeritus

James Ramsey

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Bernard Olson

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Ben Adams
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Brian Janke
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