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Meng Zhang (Former Web Admin)

Now working at General Electric
Ph.D., 2008, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota
Research Interests

Meng's research includes two parts, the first one is about integrated building systems for energy efficiency and renewable technologies. He has determined the most energy efficient and cost effective combination of architectural elements and mechanical systems to specify in an Minneapolis office building while maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment for the occupants.

The current project is to numerically determine the collision efficiencies for the electro scavenging of aerosol particles by droplets. Cloud particles fall through a population of atmospheric aerosol particles which collide with the cloud particles and fall to the ground. This phenomenon is defined as "scavenging" and can be used as a way of pollutant control. When the two particles have opposite charge, the attraction caused by the electrostatic force can greatly increase the collection efficiency. In this study, a model has been developed to predict the collection efficiencies of electro scavenging for the larger collector droplets and the small aerosol particles.

Research Details



Thomas Kuehn

Professor Emeritus

James Ramsey

Research Associate

Bernard Olson

Graduate Students

Ben Adams
Andy Mevissen
Brian Janke
Zhili Zuo
Song Ge

Undergraduate Students

Michael Hentges


Weihua Tang
Meng Zhang
Joshua Rocklage
Nicholas Stanley
Nikhil Ramesh


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