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Nicholas J. Stanley

Former Research Assistant for Nanoparticle Fate Project
Former Teaching Assistant for ME 4131 Thermal Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Former Office and Lab: ME 357
Former E-mail: stan0332@umn.edu

Ph.D., 2010, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota

Research Interests

We are attempting to simulate a leak in a nanoparticle production process. This allows us to observe changes in particle characteristics as the particles travel away from the leak. Particle size distribution (number and surface area) are monitored as well as particle morphology as the aerosol moves. An appropriate worker exposure will be derived from this worst case exposure leak scenario to possibly be used in exploring worker protection schemes, exposure studies, as well as particle dynamics. This leak is simulated experimentally in our test chamber, as well as numerically using FLUENT for higher size resolution.

Past Research

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Thomas Kuehn

Professor Emeritus

James Ramsey

Research Associate

Bernard Olson

Graduate Students

Ben Adams
Andy Mevissen
Brian Janke
Zhili Zuo
Song Ge

Undergraduate Students

Michael Hentges


Weihua Tang
Meng Zhang
Joshua Rocklage
Nicholas Stanley
Nikhil Ramesh


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